Bigfake or Bigfoot?

The famous 1967 Patterson Gimlin footage of Bigfoot.

I have always been on the fence about the existence of Bigfoot until I watched Llyod Pye’s documentary “Everything You Know is Wrong.” I believe the mainstream control mechanism has suppressed any hard evidence of  Bigfoot, Giants, UFOs, and the existence of extraterrestrials to serve broader manipulation agenda. The general public has been fed lies for the thousands of years in order to maintain control. When, “not” if, the paradigms of the past are shattered. The new way of thinking will no doubt break the chains of suppression. Knowledge has been systematically kept from mankind throughout the ages, used as leverage to exhort and exploit. The time is nearing when the controllers will be exposed by the Light of Truth. So before you discount or debunk the existence of Bigfoot, Giants, and extraterrestrials do some investigative research. The evidence available is quite inconclusive.

Lloyd Pye is a researcher and author best known for his work with Starchild skull and the intervention theory. Lloyd gives a great analysis of the Patterson-Gimlin footage of 1967 making the compelling argument for the existence of Bigfoot. One of the compelling points Lloyd makes in the video is how the arms of the creature moves in the video. The length from the wrist to the elbow to the shoulder is disproportionate to the anatomy of a human. With the technology of 1967, it would be impossible for a man in ape suit to move his arms like in the Patterson-Gimlin video. The creature in the video appears to be female, evident by the natural bounce of breasts. Another difficult faculty to create in an ape suit. Lloyd makes several other undeniable facts, making if difficult to give serious consideration to the existence of Bigfoot.

Bigfoot skeletons like those of Giants found across North America probably have been gathered by the Smithsonian or military. The U.S. government has been suppressing and hiding ancient artifacts or evidence that contradicts the paradigm best serving their agenda. The revealing of many Truths is a sign of the times. The old thought paradigms are falling away just like the power and control system. Bigfoot is REAL. Don’t take my word, Question Everything!


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