Inspired Words

Fear is a lie

Can You HaNdLe the TrUtH?

What is the truth? You can’t handle the truth. Most cannot handle their own dark side, let alone someone else who confesses their buried truths- it is what is! Some people don’t want to know the truth because it hurts. The truth can reveal who we really are- perhaps our ugly side. Everyone has an ugly side and it is what makes us more beautiful, more special, and  have a rich depth of character. Some folks prey on those who have the courage to confess the truths of their dark side. But it is quite possible that those who chastise others for their flaws and imperfections deep down are not able to cope with their own-self. I don’t frown upon anybody with any past. The truth is I can relate and connect thru my own experiences of darkness. I don’t promote doing bad things but no one deserves to be shunned or outcast-ed because of past or current behaviors. It feels good to reveal parts of your life to a compassionate audience who does not condemn. The listener in a sense forgives so I can forgive myself and/or others. Someone to let you know its okay to be you no matter what you have done. The darker side of humanity amounts to hurting ourselves or others. The end result is really just hurting ourselves. It is okay to forgive ourselves for self inflicted pain. Forgiveness from others may require asking, humility, and restitution. All of us could use a healthy helping of forgiveness from others by the grace of good will. So the next time someone tells the a truth about themselves and quite frankly it may be offensive. Do not judge their truths, so your truths will not be judged the same. True love encompasses both good and bad. Ying and the Yang. Positive and Negative. A balanced approach to the truth contains all the links of the chain from strongest to weakest. The beautiful half and ugly half come together to create whole truth. Truth does not care what kind of metrics are used to measure it’s accuracy. The truth only cares about pulling you closer to the light. The closer you are to the truth the closer you are to the Light. Freedom is in the Light!

 Jason-Hate (s) NO-ONE for their past or future.

 I love “ALL”  in every moment! (most of the time;)


Power of Zen

Power of the pen let it flow like Zen
Enemies into friends Let Love and Light transcend
Let Truth and Right Call out who Pretend
Champion for Peace
but instead
Shed blood in the Mid East
power and greed serve the Beast
instead Let freedom reign
The rich feel the poor’s pain
Lack of wealth don’t feel ashamed
More than enough spare change
To go around first we must change
Our consciousness rearrange
Awareness not strange
unlocks the soul from the brain
Vision of the unexplained
Higher dimensional plane
A spiritual awakening
Universal change
Of vibration
A new age of Love and Light
Humanity’s next destination
Set forth by the
Prime Creator’s imagination
From sound words of creation
Like the Power of the pen
Let it flow like Zen

by Jason Hate

One Love

Universal love for all
They can not hang
With this type slang
Way I formulate
Most folk think
I sound strange
Complex words arranged
Another dimension
Higher frequency range
Vibrate Telepathic to your brain
Word anomalies
Leave permanent stains
Everlasting universal
Quench like rain
To thirsty plants
That never complain
About the pain
From lack of H2O
Can’t hardly sustain
Undying faith
From root to leaf top
without a doubt
Moisture will drop
The infinite universe
Has not forgot
Never will stop
Providing for all
It has begot
Growing from lessons
us Humans are taught
For example
The heart of creation
Love’s constant tic-toc
A rhythm No one can stop
The beat of creation
will always hip hop
Granting even the weak
A chance to be strong
Rise above with
Love’s harmony song
harmony that can correct wrong
Even evil’s tune soon
Will sing a new song
New horizon
tuning vibration
To the next frequency destination
A cause for celebration
Transcend reinvention
For the spirits
Will love thy intervention
To the next
Inter-galactic planetary
Planetary inter-galactic
Another dimension
Another dimension
“Human race can I get your attention”

Are you ready for a shift
In consciousness?

Love revolution is a gift
from our universe

Receive it free like the plant
Your soul will never again thirst
Cuz your heart does not curse
Instead it loves sincerely first

My message “Love first”
Cuz the universe “First love” is


Peace and Joy
A time to rejoice

Love u always Aidyn

My boy Aidyn, the Love of my life.
My boy Aidyn, the Love of my life.

Inspired Words of Wisdom

“Live, Love, and Prosper.”
~Jason Hate
“Change your thoughts shapes your words that command your actions to Change your World.”
~Jason Hate
“Timing is something that cannot be rushed.”
~Jason Hate
“Wisdom is not learned but earned in time after the most difficult challenges become victories.”
~Jason Hate
“Sleep is unconscious mediation, mediation is conscious sleep. In sleep we get limited energy, in mediation we get abundant energy.” ~ Yoga Master
(H mm… could morning coffee be replaced by mediation? Supplying all the daily energy you need?)
“Life is too short, live it, love it, but don’t sweat it.”
~Jason Hate
Give praise to the Prime Creator in the midst of your storm. The Sun will surely shine on you again someday soon, be thankful for this great day. ~Jason Hate
Silver lining
“Every dark cloud has a Silver Lining.”

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