Photo Taken at Traffic Light Captures UFO?

by Jason H
October, 10th 2013

Did Not See the Object When I Snapped the Picture

10/03/2013 Photo at 3-Way Traffic LightBurien, Washington- On October 3rd, 2013, I snapped this photo at 18:20:01, at a 3-way traffic light while driving. Above the first traffic light on the left there appears to be a UFO that I did not notice until after taking picture.

Official Report

On October 3rd driving south bound on Ambaum Blvd SW proceeded to stop at a 3-way traffic light on 144th St. At 18:20:01, I snapped a picture with my Samsung Galaxy III camera phone. I did not originally see the object until after I looked at the picture. Above the first traffic light from the left, a saucer shaped object appears to be going north with 3 slightly curved tracers to the right of it. I was attempting to snap a photo of the white cloud towards the bottom of the photo.


This photo was taken from inside of my vehile behind left driver side window. I was in the right lane of a 2-lane road headed south bound. There was a vehicle on my left going southbound at the stop light as well.


I submitted the photo to the Coast to Coast AM website on Tuesday October 15th at 4:33pm. At 9:22pm I received an email from one of the staff at C2C AM, that my photo was selected to be posted. In a 24 hour this blog received 1,153 views.

People were leaving some interesting comments about what the object might be.

I’ve had people tell me the “object” in the above picture is:

  • Rocket
  • Satellite
  • Airplane
  • Flare
  • Drone
  • Meterorite
  • Reflection of a zipper

In my eye this definitely an unidentified flying object. No one I have showed this photo to, has been able to definitively identify what the object is.

I am not saying it is a photo of little green men from another planet in a flying saucer but I am not ruling out.

Not A Hoodie Zipper

Many have speculated a reflection of an object inside the car projected thru the windshield creating the interesting looking object.

  • 1 Parts of the contrail appear behind the cloud, some parts in front.
  • 2 There was too much light in the car to create a reflection.
  • 3 More items reflecting from inside of the car would have appeared in the image.
  • 4. The photo was taken from inside of the driver side window and not the actual windshield.
  • 5. The lens of the camera was 1-2 inches from the glass.

**Based on the above 5 points, you can throw the “reflection” theory out the window.

The time was about 6:20pm sun was starting to go down just to my right. The object I later discovered “above” was to my left on the eastside. The contrail tracers indicate the object was headed north.

I enjoy taking numerous photos everyday of clouds, nature, my 5-year old son, and random things with my Samsung III smart phone. I am constantly taking pictures of the clouds, chemtrails, and the funky sunsets.

Who knows?

For all I know it’s just an airplane or something made from humans on earth.

I can’t say for sure either way. I used Fast Stone Image Viewer 4.8 to magnify the object by 10 and still could not get a clear view to determine what it is.

It’s a one in a million shot and I have a feeling willl be one of my prized photos of all time.

What do you think it is? Please leave a reply with your ideas!


28 thoughts on “Photo Taken at Traffic Light Captures UFO?

  1. Krishna Davinci

    Great shot Jason!
    Looks like a vintage “George-Adamski-type” flying saucer …
    although I’m wondering what’s causing the contrail behind it ~
    somehow it’s creating moisture which is solidifying in the cold air.
    Antigrav propulsion does not normally generate moisture …
    so perhaps the craft was warm for some reason
    & as it cooled, water vapor precipitated into liquid.

    1. Yeah the contrail has an arc to it and it looks a bit different than a vapor contrail. One of my friends suggested it was going in or out of a portal. I believe a software application is available that would enhance or magnify the image but I am not sure what it is. I honestly did not see the object when I snapped the picture. I just got lucky.

  2. Rob H

    Hard to tell from a still photo, but if you’re looking for a more conventional explanation I would have to say you are looking at two separate phenomenon. I think what appears to be a saucer may be a smaller cloud, and what appears to be a contrail is also a cloud that only appears to be coming from the first cloud because of the perspective of the camera. It could be much higher, and it’s wispy regular serrations are commonly caused by air pressure waves, the arch being formed perpendicular to the direction of the wind.

    Of course I could be completely wrong. Maybe it is a UFO of some sort. It certainly is an interesting photograph. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Probably a bolide breaking into three pieces, like the one in Russia; that would absolutely explain the picture. Look very closely and carefully at the image above–it’s actually a remarkably clear and well-resolved shot, considering it was made using a cell phone camera. I think you “accidentally” caught a really cool natural phenomenon at “random” [I don’t believe that events are really “random”, “accidental”, or the like. I believe they happen for a reason]. Keep taking those shots; one day you’ll bag an “unnatural” phenomenon–like an ET spacecraft!

    1. Was not wearing a hoodie that day, I have thought about possibly something reflecting off the windshield. I would gather it would be more evident, nothing else around me was moving to produce the tracer but you can’t rule it out.

  4. Looks like a bright reflection of a light off of the zipper of your sweater or whatever you were wearing. The bright reflection again reflecting off of the inside of the glass of your automobile window

  5. Richard

    I’m not a skeptic but, it’s clearly something on the windshield of the car. most likely the sunlight is causing the amplification of the “tracer tails”

    1. The sun was setting to the west and it was partly clouds. I magnified the image with a software program and no details gave any hint at a reflection. There is better technology out there than what I used, I invite anyone to test the image and/or send me a link to cutting edge image magnifying tool.

    1. The image was taken from inside the car. I have taken photos from inside the car with what appears to be a little white dot (closer to dusk time) that moves with the car but I am able to decipher what it is in a few moments. After magnifying the image, I can just about rule out a “windshield reflection.” I believe better technologies exist than the one I used. Are you aware of any cutting edge tools that would bring it to light?

      1. I would say that because the photo was taken through the curved windshield that any “anomalies” cannot be ruled out unless you have taken care to eliminate them at the time you took the photo.
        * Place the lens hood directly against the glass. This restricts the possible angles.
        * Use a variable shape lens hood that will eliminate all reflections from within the vehicle.
        * Make sure that the reflection field has no light sources – spread a dark cloth.
        * Do not take photos through intermediate glass in any situation.
        This photo here, taken from behind glass, contains an interesting anomaly. That is about you can reasonably claim about it.
        You are misleading people by NOT making it very clear that it was taken through the curved windshield of a vehicle.

      1. It does not matter how many times you magnify it, you will not be able to tell if it is a reflection or not. How do you think magnification would reveal that or rule it out?
        You stated that the photo is taken through the windshield; that immediately raises the possibility of the presence of reflections in the image. Anything that looks out of place then, is more likely to be a reflection than anything else.
        It does look very like the reflection of a zipper. Why would there be a zipper in the sky? It’s not; it’s inside the vehicle.

      2. The more you magnify the image a greater amount of details are exposed. The car was pointed south, sun to the west, the camera was about 3-4 inches from the windshield, with the top left corner at a 90 degree angle towards the opposite bottom right corner of the camera to capture the clouds and traffic lights. I was wearing a black long sleeved shirt with a 1 inch white strip on the collar. No zippers in the car. I believe its not a reflection, you thing it might be. Thats fine regardless I am going to submit the photo to an image analysis expert for further investigation.

  6. Anonymous

    Not sure maybe a meteor or comet of some type…If it is a UFO it looks like it got damaged from entering the atmosphere …It must’ve gotten heated up in the atmosphere and possibly started tearing apart due to it…Thus why it appears to be glowing hot with the sparks behind it.

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