Love will Prevail

A Dark cloud has been cast over Mother Earth. Fear not, Love all. See your local world in the mind as safe, loving, and beautiful. The Hologram we call reality is a reflection of internalized feelings. These emotions are powerful and effect our outside world good or bad. What ever we choose? Our free will …

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One Love

Universal love for all but They can not hang With this type slang Way I formulate Most folk think I sound strange Complex words arranged Another dimension Higher frequency range Vibrate Telepathic to your brain Word anomalies Leave permanent stains Everlasting universal Quench like rain To thirsty plants That never complain About the pain From lack of H2O Can't hardly sustain Undying faith …

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Forget Homeless; Feed the Greedy

Power and the money, money and the Power minute after minute, hour after hour night after night, day after day look at us America we fuck'in slaves life determined by how much we paid Dollars outta cents, cents into Dollars from blue to shot collars affects nerds even popular the postman, doctor, senators and rockstars …

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