The Hidden History of Humanity

The Narrator of this video brings up some interesting points. I am not sure if I am completely sold on every part of the theory presented. It does however open the mind to other possibilities of what may have happened in the ancient times of humanity.  The presentation wrestles with the origins of Atlantis,  who the Mayans were, who built the Pyramids of Egypt, what happened on Mars, and the purpose and significance of Jesus Christ. And much much more. It also ties all these mysterious people and events together.

Comparatively speaking it is no more far fetched than mainstream academia’s explanation for humanity’s great leap up the evolutionary ladder. Why do human beings have 23 pairs of chromosomes and closet hominid cousin actually has 24 pairs of chromosomes? The chromosome dilemma is an interesting fact mainstream scientists have difficulty explaining. Mankind is not just missing one-link between our closest hominid relative and today’s homo-sapiens. Look at the advanced development of humanity in contrast to its closest bi-pedal mammal ancestor. The missing link should have several if not between 50-100 processions of evolution. I have no proof or scientific evidence to back up the previous statement. That’s my best educated guess. It would seem as though popular academia and science are perhaps giving human history their best guess.

After watching the video, what parts do you think have any validity? What parts do you think are completely absurd? How much of this story is possible? Why do you believe or not believe? Most of authors of history write in a fashion favoring certain group’s perspective. Who benefits from this account of history? Perhaps nobody? Why is the truth about human history kept a secret or swept under the rug?

By Jason Hate…   Please share your thoughts,  …Thanks for reading.


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