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The purpose of this blog is to research, investigate, and discover the truth hidden behind the curtains of the Matrix. Some theorize the universe is a holographic projection of our consciousness. A sophisticated computer program simulating a virtual reality. The evidence of intelligent design is all around us. We see the golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence in various forms of life and the cosmos. Sacred geometry reveals a mathematical signature of the One true Creator.


My supreme question of reality and the universe, “Where did the Creator originate from?” An artist takes a blank canvass and transforms nothing into a beautiful picture. How did the artist spring forth from the black void of nothingness? Wrapping your head around where it all began can make your head spin.


Everything in our universe vibrates and resonates at a given frequency. The other dimensions beyond our 3rd dimensional reality vibrate at frequencies our senses are unable to detect. Anything and Everything we perceive at its lowest common denominator is atoms vibrating. Each atom in our universe is 99.999999999999% empty space. We live in an empty universe resonating at different frequencies.

Alone in the Fog

Why is humanity  here and where did we come from is concealed from the general populous to keep them in the dark. You cannot know where you are going unless you know where you have been. The Real Truth About Life is Stranger Than Fiction. When the Truth about Humanity is uncovered, so will the key to unlocking the shackles of the Holographic Matrix.

Thanks for Reading,

Jason Holtzclaw


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