Tired of The Bullshit

George nailed it right here, he calls out all the bullshit in today’s world. This man was ahead of his time. He speaks volumes to me about the state of affairs we are in. The above bit is titled Advertising and Bullshit, so appropriate.

Selling Myself for Stuff

Have you noticed that everyone is always trying to sell you something? We as a society are constantly bomb barred by salespeople, commercials, banks, advertising, the government, the church, realtors, and the media to name a few with one thing in mind, getting your money. Getting yo money. Because everything is buy one get one free, 50% off the next two, half down zero down, low interest financing, no interest financing, on sale one day only this weekend this month this year perfect time to buy so act now get free delivery free installation free advice free parking free service, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, return within 30 days or no refund, act now and we will throw in a free gift more bullshit. Come on now, free your mind from the bullshit.

Money = Time + Energy

Let me break this down for you. If your like me and most people out there in the world you need money to survive. Money requires time and energy to create productivity. Then we take productivity and exchange it for, you guessed it, money money money. Do you follow me so far? So if you think about it, time and energy are required to purchase things you may need or may not need. Time and energy are finite resources within our limited control. Now we can create innovative ways to leverage our time and energy to create more productivity. All your hard work translates into purchasing power to buy stuff and wallah the world goes around. All money funnels to the top of the food chain. What happens to the time and energy? It was exchanged for productivity. And now this is where I go down the rabbit hole a bit.

The Rabbit Hole

What if at the time of exchange between time/energy and productivity an unseen entity taps into or feeds off the energy expanded? I am talking about inter-dimensional extraterritorial beings who from the very beginning are behind the scenes orchestrating the entire circus we call earth. We give them names like demons, the archons, and the jinn. It is possible these spiritual entities feed off negative human emotions or energy. Let’s say about 70% of Americans feel negative about their jobs. That is quite the daily release of negative energy if you think about it. Add the violence and blood shed from wars through out history and someone out there is eating good. Think about it!

My Point

The more we consume the more time and energy is required to feed the appetites of someone or something. True freedom stems from owning your time and having the energy to enjoy it. I am not telling you to quite your job but spend your productivity wisely. Keep your intentions positive, smile more, laugh more, and limit your negative emotions. Maybe all the bullshit is meant to steal your joy. The best thing you can do if your tired of the bullshit is choose happiness, choose a good attitude, choose to be friendly, choose to help people, choose the light, and choose positive. Make the right choices in the face of bullshit and just maybe we can turn bullshit upside down and make it smell like roses.

by Jason Holtzclaw


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