The message I want to express to “ALL” my brothers and sisters around the world is that I Love them. It brings me great pain and sorrow to witness the world we are handing off to my 4-year old son. He deserves a better tomorrow and the rest of the children in world do too. We can make positive change united in one cause, PEACE. The oppressors are few compared to the global community they control. We the people give them that control. We allow them to abuse us and this beautiful planet. Humanity is evolving into a higher consciousness, therefore this corruptible force will start losing control.

Its easy to follow someone who your convinced knows where they are going. But these days I feel like we have completely lost our way. This is not the yellow brick road, nor emerald city, the wizard of OZ don’t have the answers, and Dorothy we definitely ain’t in Kansas. Watch this and get inspired. Get inspired to be patriotic for all humanity. Do something to help change the world positively. You don’t need to organize an OCCUPY movement. How about simply sharing this message?

By Jason Holtzclaw



  1. This video inspires me, the message speaks to my heart. It moves my Spirit and Soul. Please share this message if you care about the future of all Humanity. Thank you.

    1. Spirituition

      Hi Jason,

      I’ve seen this video before, and I think I posted it as well on my Blog or on my FB page.
      It’s wonderful and a great message!
      Thanks for sharing and to spread the message to the World!

      Love and Light, Angelique

  2. I think this video is very relevant for the situation of the world today. When the global collective becomes aware of this message, a paradigm in consciousness will shift to Peace. We need to share a message of Love and Truth. I believe in my heart an overwhelming majority of the world population wants peace. Leaving a very small percentage of powerful and greedy government, corporate, and banking interests controlling the world, waging wars, engineering economic turmoil, and destroying the environment. We the People of the Earth need to revoke them of their rights to run business as usual. Enough is enough. It is time for change. It is time to replace war with peace, replace fear with love, and replace lies with truth.

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