Abrupt Climate Disaster

Statue of liberty drowning
A chunk of iceberg the size of Delaware is in the process of breaking off from West Antarctica.  With all the ice melting around the world the above photo might not be too much of an exaggeration.

If an asteroid was headed toward the earth and the impact would wipe out all life as we know it. Would you want to know? If yes keep reading, if no carry on with Kardashians ”

Abrupt Global Warming

The world is experiencing abrupt climate change at a rate unprecedented in the history of the planet. Most main stream climate scientists push out the worst cast scenario until the end of the century. Some are more courageous about the truth and estimate that we could see devastating global average temperature increases within the next decade. Guy McPherson, professor emeritus from the university of Arizona, calculates a conservative 8.6 Celsius in the next decade (read about it here). Sam Carana of Arctic News postulates an even faster trend by exponentially factoring the dozens of self reinforcing environmental heating feed back loops. According to Sam we may see an overall global temperature increase of 10 C by 2021.

Phew… it’s getting hot out there in the world. What does this mean for you and me? Well it might be a good idea to invest in companies that make air conditioners. The planet is heating so fast, we may have a real challenge growing grains at scale. Ain’t gonna be enough food to go around.

Food Shortages
The ability to grow and store grains at scale allowed civilization to flourish. This also gave great power and authority to those who controlled the food.

How did we get in this Predicament?

We did not get here by accident. We burned vast amounts of fossil fuels since the start of the industrial revolution in 1760. Add up all the emissions from factories, car exhaust, airplanes, industrial agriculture, factory animals for food, deforestation, and overall oil consumption and wallah over the course of 250 years we arrive at 410 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Now add in methane, another green house gas, released from the Arctic and you have the equivalent of 600 parts per million in carbon dioxide. Now were cooking with gas! In 1989 the UN environment program warned we had 10 years to bring our carbon dioxide habit under control. Needless to say we missed the target.

Big Oil Greed
I blame the greed of all Big Money (Bankers, military Big-Pharma Big-Agri Big-Oil industrial complex) for the mess were in and the general public for giving away their power. In our defense T.V. was a helluva distraction!

I would be curious to know how much profit Big Oil and their Saudi buddies enjoyed between 1989 and 2000. I bet you these darn oil tycoons were finally able to buy that silver colored Rolls Royce they did not own yet. Because it sucks when you only have a black, white, red, blue, yellow, and purple RR but not in silver. I sleep better at night knowing the mega rich elite are able to buy more material things at the cost of grinding the environment into dust. In 2016 a staggering 35 billion barrels of oil or 96 mbpd was consumed by all nations. That is 42 gallons per barrel. Damn its like were eating and drinking the stuff like it’s going out of style. Coming soon to a watering hole near you, Mobil, Exxon Lite, and Texas Crude on tap. None of the calories of those thick viscocity refineries.

Civilized Heat Engine

According to the research of Peter Garrett, “atmospheric physicist in the US, who has shown that changes in global population and standard of living are correlated to variations in energy efficiency. This discovery halves the number of variables needed to make emissions forecasts and therefore should considerably improve climate predictions, he claims.”

Industrial Civilization

In the words of Edwin Cartlidge,” Timothy Garrett of the University of Utah in the US believes that much of this uncertainty can be eliminated by considering humanity as if it were a heat engine (arXiv:0811.1855). Garrett’s model heat engine consists of an entity and its environment, with the two separated by a step in potential energy that enables energy to be transferred between the two. Some fraction of this transferred energy is converted into work, with the rest released beyond the environment in the form of waste heat, as required by the second law of thermodynamics.”

What does this mean? It means Tim Garrett is one smart mofo. Well I think it means that humanity as a collective heats the planet from the residual effect of everyday activity.  The progressive nature of industrialized civilization is to consume, expand, and grow. These days emerging nations see all the cool stuff we have in the West and boom they want it too. They gotta own iphones, new cars, designer jeans and all kinds of stuff you don’t need that are found on Amazon. It’s a jungle out there or it used to be, now it’s a shopping mall or new housing complex. Burn baby burn. Buy. Consume. Waste. Shop for more useless stuff.

6th Mass Extinction
Many scientists say were in the midst of the 6th Mass Extinction. “Yeah that’s great and everything, but will we still be able to buy a six-pack and watch the game on Sunday?”

This lifestyle of getting more and more stuff is driving 150 to 200 species a day to extinction according to a study done by the UN back in 2010. Those numbers are from 7 years ago. What are the odds they have increased in 7 years? With mankind’s track record lately I would say very good and for the plants, insects, and animals very bad. We were put in charge of a literal paradise, bet it will take a long time before the Creator let’s the kids rule the planet without a little more supervision. Free will has it’s growing pains.

Connecting the Dots

Red or Blue pill
Red or Blue pill? W.W.N.D. What would Neo do?

I have noticed for about the last 5 years that airplanes have been spraying the skies full of chemicals that morph into vast amounts of cloud cover. These aerosol chemical cocktails are known to include aluminum, barium, strontium, lead, mercury, plus other toxic metals your mom warned you about. Day in and day out the upper atmosphere is saturated with heavy metal nano particulates that eventually make their way into the air column we breathe and into the entire web of life, rain water, and drinking water. The United States owns over 100 weather modification patents. It does not take a genius to observe what is happening above. If the general public would pull their heads out of the sand for long enough they would see the lion about to pounce them. These climate engineering programs have fancy little politically correct names like stratospheric aerosol injection, solar radiation management, and carbon dioxide removal.

If you think the photos above look natural then you are asleep at the wheel. Wake up, take the red pill (the blue pill got you tripping) and use your critical thinking lens to filter thru the bullshit programming and check your reality.

David Keith, a famous climate engineer from Harvard, recently went public with a so called geoengineering experiment planned for 2018. The test involves releasing some weather balloons into the upper atmosphere. The balloons are going to disperse reflective  particles into the upper troposphere and then measure how much the sun light is dimmed or reflected. The Harvard geo-nerds hope to someday implement some type of aerosol injection or other climate intervention method to combat global warming. The projected costs are only like $10 billion annually but what about the cost to human health and the environment. The human and environmental price is far beyond any arbitrary economic cost. The power structure is attempting to introduce large scale climate engineering into the public domain like it has not already been happening. David Keith has already stated on the record, the goal is to inject 20 millions tons of aluminum into the atmosphere annually. Its a wonder that 1 in 3 seniors in the U.S. dies with alzheimer or dementia.

Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch  has posted the results of multiple rainwater tests and the results are quite conclusive. The powers that be are saturating the entire web of life with heavy metal particulates.

Industrialized civilization

Here’s where I connect the dots…

I believe climate engineering, a form of geoengineering is used by the military industrial complex to stall and delay abrupt climate change and/or global warming. The predicament we are in cannot be fixed with climate intervention. In fact climate engineering is accelerating extreme weather events, destroying the ozone layer, and decimating the environment. Also if the powers that be magically stopped spraying aerosols and burning fossil fuels tomorrow, the earth would most likely rapidly increase by 3 C global average temperature from eliminating the dimming effect in a matter of days or weeks. We are damned if we do and damned if don’t. Civilization is a heat engine in itself no matter what form of energy is consumed. The only thing we can do is to keep the party going until the lights go out. The shadow elite behind the scenes pulling the levers of commerce and society are desperate to fix a predicament created by their own unbridled greed. The unfortunate pickle we are in will not be solved by the same technological insanity that landed us here. Maybe we should try not doing anything and let mother nature respond. Less is more. Because the doing in the name of industrialized civilization has bitten us in the ass. We need to stop acting like infinite growth on a finite planet is sustainable.  At the rate we are going I imagine things will get very ugly sooner than later. 

Chief Sealth

The best solution I can think of is to take the lead from the Native Americans who were stripped of this great nation that they did not care to own but shared with mother earth. Perhaps our demise was set in motion the very moment civilization decided it was entitled to own mother nature. We should have partnered with the living planet instead of raping, pillaging, and plundering her life force. A common philosophy among Native Americans is to take only what you need for survival and don’t waste anything. We thought they were savages but look what we have done to our mother. How many resources have we extorted and wasted? Civilization in the end is quite obviously the savage. I wish I could tell you that we can fix this mess. Do we really deserve to live on a paradise like earth? Maybe we are getting what we deserve. After all, you can’t poop in your nest day after day and not get poop on your feathers. We are constantly fouling the air, dirtying the water, polluting, and destroying the entire environment.

“Life is about learning lessons. What have you learned in this lifetime? I have learned that it is truly important to live in harmony with all of the Creator’s beautiful creations. When I hurt others I hurt myself. I don’t want to hurt anymore and I am sure you don’t either.”

 by Jason Holtzclaw


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