Geoengineering Cataclysm

Geoengineering Cataclysm

I took a break from writing/blogging for the last year. Blogging is like having a part time job on top of your 40 hours of work. I did miss expressing myself thru this great creative writing platform. My goal has always been to get alternative information out to the masses. I believe there is a genuine thirst for for knowledge by the general public that is NOT satisfied by the mainstream media propaganda machine.

I felt it was a critical time to get back into the blogging ring. I believe many cataclysmic events are converging on mother earth. With the passing of each day humanity continues on a rapid path of destruction. How much longer can we as a species consume and exploit the earth? When will we run out of time? 100 years? 50 years? Or less?

One of cataclysmic events is geoengineering, climate engineering, or weather modification. It is destroying the biosphere at an alarming rate. We may have less than 10 years if we don’t change course according to Dane Wigington, Geoengineering Watch.

The toxic spraying of aerosols in the atmosphere contribute heavily to extreme weather and climate change.

Soon people will not be able to ignore the damage to the environment.

Don’t take my word for it, listen to the foremost expert on climate engineering, Dane Wigington.

It is becoming more critical for humanity to take action for the survival of all life on earth.

Please Watch This Video and Get Educated!!!

by Jason Holtzclaw


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