The Pleiadian Message

by Jason H
October 16th, 2013



Think About It


“Take a look at our galaxy, there is 100 billion stars in our galaxy. Now take a look at the galaxies of our universe, we can actually count them. In the visible universe our telliscopes have the range to see 100 billion galaxies. Well how many stars are there in the visible universe, count them. 100 billion X 100 billion, that is an astronomical number, you have to be supremely arrogant to believe that we are the only ones in town.”  – Michio Kaku



Suspend Old Beliefs For A Moment

Open your mind, open your soul, and thus open up an opportunity to raise the level of your consciousness. Light is information and darkness is lack of knowledge. I can’t tell you for sure that the video you are about to watch represents absolute truth and drop your old belief systems. I can tell you this, many of our belief systems are based on a foundation of lies. We are seeing more and more lies exposed everyday. My mind is open to real truth and knowledge. I am not ruling out the possibility of the information in “The Pleiadian Message,” has deep and coherent meaning to mankind. You decide with your intuitive discernment if any truth speaks to you. If you are awake or awakening this video will speak volumes, if not enjoy another episode of “Breaking Bad” or the new season of “American Idol.”


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