Dead Park Walking: Ecocide at Seattle Local Parks?

by Jason H

September 3rd, 2013

The Park Forest looks UnhealthyWest Seattle, Wa- The plants & trees in this picture look distressed and dying. The photo was taken on September 2nd at Westcrest Park.

A Walk in the Dying Park

I took my 4-year old son, Aidyn, to the Westcrest Dog Park and Lincoln Park in the general vicinity by our house in South Seattle on August 31st, 2013 and noticed the plant & tree life looked stressed and dying at both parks.

Geoengineering Watch >> UV

Westcrest (above pic)– The white discoloration on the foliage is sign of distress & disease.

Geoengineering Watch >> Drought

Lincoln Park (above pic)Ground zero for plant life looks to be dying.

The weather in Seattle has been typical for this time of year, if anything the temperatures have been a bit lower during the summer of 2013. The UV rays have felt hotter though.

Seattle had a fair amount of rain this summer, 19 consecutive days without rain June 28th – July 16th. The previous 2 summers saw 48 & 51 days without rain.

My theory behind the sudden plant & tree collapse-  Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering!

Plant & Tree life around the area are suffering because of hazardous chemicals sprayed from the skies for weather modification and/or damage from the increased intensity of UV rays.

If you’re not familiar with Geoengineering please watch this video:

Westcrest Plant Life Stressed

We started going to the dog park on a regular basis about a month ago towards the of July. We take R.J., the neighbor’s dog, to relieve him from being chained up in the back yard all day.

Westcrest Dog Park has 3 areas:

  • A forest with trails (on-leash)
  • Off the leash loop with plants and trees.
  • Open field area the size of 3 footballs throwing the ball

I have noticed on many occasions planes overhead spraying long white contrails or “chemtrails” as many refer to them.

Geoengineering Watch >> Documents

“Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering in progress taken with an iPhone 4 camera.”

Forest Trails

I have noticed dramatic changes in the plant & tree life that is mostly covered in shade.

  • Drooping foliage
  • Shriveled up black leaves
  • Discolored leaves: yellow, brown, black & white
  • Holes on the foliage
  • Bare branches

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This gallery shows pictures from Lincoln Park & Westcrest Park. It is difficult for me to see the difference.

Celebration Park

These photos were taken the week of September 3rd, 2013.

I work in Federal Way, Washington for an engineering consulting firm called Oxford International about 30 minutes south of downtown Seattle.

I go for a walk on my lunch hour a few blocks over to Celebration Park. The park consist of several baseball fields, playground for kids, a nice track, and wooded area with walking trails.

Celebration Park

So this is park #3 about 30 miles away from the other 2 sites that looks as if the took a few hazardous chemical baths.

These photos in Federal Way were taken after a couple days of rain.

Geoengineering Watch >> Global Warming

AGAIN, the plant and tree life at Celebration Park is sick and dying…

Geoengineering Watch >> Fires

like the Westcrest Dog-park & Lincoln Park.

Geoengineering Watch >> Heat Wave

These plants and trees are obviously not dying of thirst.

Geoengineering Watch >> Storms

I am no ecology expert but they appear to be dying from the ground up. This leads me to believe the rainwater likely contains high levels of aluminum, barium, strontium, and other hazardous chemicals that were sprayed in the sky to modify the weather(geoengineering).

What I Discovered at “Discovery Park”?

Discovery Park, the largest park in Seattle, encompasses 534 acres occupying most of the former Fort Lawton site on the Magnolia bluff overlooking the Puget Sound.

  • Views of both the Cascade & Olympic Mountains
  • 11.81 miles of walking trails
  • 270 species of birds in the park & nearby waters
  • Townsend chipmunks
  • Harbor seals & California sea lions
  • United Tribes of All Tribes’ Daybreak Star Cultural Center
  • West Point Lighthouse

Discovery Park in my opinion is the most beautiful park in Seattle. The park trails are filled with green lush plant & tree life, breathtaking panoramic views, and the fresh air make for a peaceful & serene retreat.

iPhonePics5.24.13 053

I took these photos in the spring/summer of 2012.


I remember how beautiful it looked.

Discovery Park 2012

The foliage was healthy, lush, and green

I visited Discovery Park yesterday (September 8th,2013) for the first time since last year and was shocked at what I saw. The plant and tree life was suffering from mass disease from the ground up just like Westcrest, Lincoln, and Celebration Park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Discovery Park– Pictures were taken on Sunday September 8th, 2013.

I was just heartbroken walking through Discovery Park yesterday (9/8) for the first time since 2012. To see the above pictures and remembered how beautiful this park looked in the past is truly disturbing.

I was so upset, I stopped random people walking on the trails and shared what was really right in front of them. Quite frankly they did not even notice before I said something.

People we need to WAKE UP before environmental damage is so severe we can’t walk outside without an oxygen mask.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

I hypothesize “geoengineering” is the cause of widespread plant and tree life illness and death throughout the 4 different parks I visited in the last week.

The planes spray these weather modification chemicals at high altitudes.

Not so high that you can’t see them in the act of spraying with the human eye (you just need to pay attention).

When these metal particulates fall from the upper stratosphere they pull nanobacteria with them.

This nanobacteria is foreign to life on the surface and may cause sickness for the plants, trees, animals, and humans; in some possibly many cases cause death.

If the plants and trees at these 4 parks are truly experiencing sickness and death from exposure to geoengineering, then surely we will face adverse effects.

Deadly fungal disease detected outside the Pacific Northwest

JoNel AlecciaNBC News
Sep. 11, 2013 at 12:21 PM ET
A rare fungus found in soil and trees has sickened hundreds of people in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest in the last decade — and killed dozens — but scientists now say they’re seeing different strains of the potentially deadly bug in additional U.S. states.
An X-ray of a patient infected with the rare fungal disease called Cryptococcus.

Most patients infected with the rare Cryptococcus gattii fungus develop serious brain and lung infections, like the one shown in this X-ray.

As of June, 171 cases of infection caused by Cryptococcus gatti, a fungus once confined to tropical climates, had been reported in the U.S. That includes at least 100 cases in Oregon and Washington, where officials have been tracking an outbreak since 2004.

continue to full article…

Connecting the Dots

A rare fungus found in tropical climates but scientists are seeing different strains. During my visit to the 4 parks a few weeks ago, I noticed some unusual looking mushrooms. How did the fungus get to the Pacific Northwest?


After my experience of witnessing dying plant and tree life at 2 parks on the same day, Celebration park by my work 30 miles away, and one of the most beautiful, Discovery park in Seattle. I began to take notice of other distressed plant & tree life everywhere I looked.

This discovery really disturbed me because my 5-year old has the right to breathe fresh air and drink clean water.

I have a feeling other parts of the country have a similar phenomenon happening.

I read a disturbing article about the Arctic icecaps becoming completely melted in a very short time, releasing great amounts of methane.

Geoengineering is destroying the plant and tree life at an exponential rate. Respiratory and immune system illness among people is also skyrocketing.

Sooner or later we will all be confronted with this ugly monster of weather modification.

There are individuals approving the spraying of toxic poisonous chemicals in the sky to control the weather at the cost of massive life.

That really make mes f#@king angry and YOU should be too!

Because if we don’t stop them, ALL Life on Earth will be at Risk.

Please do some research on geoengineering and make others aware!


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