Disney UFO Video: ALIEN ENCOUNTERS from NEW Tomorrowland

By Jason H

August 24, 2013

Ufos Over DisneySeveral years ago in 1995 Walt Disney aired Alien Encounters: The New Tomorrowland one time, hosted by Robert Ulrich in 5 cities in the U.S.

Disney Disclosure

The Disney documentary boldly advocates the existence of extraterrestrials and accuses the U.S. government of a massive cover-up campaign (probably right).

The episode was luckily recorded to VHS by few people.

Robert Ulrich narrates the film in a matter-a-fact this truth

  • Discusses alien abductions
  • Aliens using earth as a science lab
  • Disclosure could cost U.S.G. it’s power hold
  • Compelling mass sightings of UFOs
  • Some of the best UFO footage at the time
  • ETs attempting to make open contact with humanity.


On the Block Buster Video site, the documentary is mentioned in Robert Ulrich Movies bio. No video turns up in the search results?

Meet Mickey Martian

Why would the All-American “Walt Disney” release an Alien Disclosure film?

I find it interesting an organization known for Mickey Mouse, the Magic Kingdom, and family classics like Parent Trap would produce a factual documentary.

Disney and Disclosure of extraterrestrials together is like inviting the Black Panthers and Klu Klux Klan over for dinner.

The broadcast may have been an attempt to test the general public’s readiness for Disclosure.

Sounds like Disney pulled the plug after initial reactions from people who got a chance to watch the Alien documentary.

Disney Disclosure Documentary Cover-up

I am damn pretty sure the government was aware of the content in “Alien Encounters for a New Tomorrowland.”

I think “IF” this program broadcasted across the country back in 1995, many many questions would have arisen for the government to answer.

The documentary is fairly well done, but it just seems odd Walt Disney would produce something so controversial & potentially jeopardize is fanfare.

I suspect he was given the order from above to put “Alien Encounters for the New Tomorrowland.” Which means one can certainly hypothesize confidently, the U.S. Government is well aware of extraterrestrials visiting earth.

Apparently today’s general public is not read for a Disney Disclosure documentary either.

“Real Truth about Life is Stranger than Fiction.”


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