Benjamin Fulford Report Aug. 6, 2013: Good Guys vs Global Elite

by Jason H
August 23th, 2013

“Truth about Life is Stranger than Fiction”

Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford is a former Forbes journalist turned spokesperson for Asian Secret Societies. Benjamin is very outspoken about the banking cartel controlling the world. 

Good Guys vs Global Elite

I enjoy Benjamin Fulford’s weekly Youtube report about current geopolitical events in the world. You can’t believe everything you hear but I trust Benjamin’s information more so than the mainstream media puppets of the corporation monsters.

The world today faces threats and challenges from every direction. From Geoengineering, GMO foods, World War III, an stellar apocalypse event, and the collapse of the dollar, humanity is coming up some hard times.

Benjamin reports on current events and political shake ups that do not get mainstream air time. I hear some information I can’t believe. But the majority I think is truthful. His report honestly gives me hope that someday the planet will be in the hands of the good guys.

From what I have been reading and hearing recently, a BIG geopolitical shake up might be coming in September.

Well, I will believe it when I see it. Check out one of Benjamin’s recent reports,

“Real Truth About Life is Stranger than Fiction.”


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