Mysterious Sea Creature Found by Iranian Navy

by jason h

August 19th, 2013

Giant Unknown Sea Creature

Mysterious Giant Sea Creature found by the Iranian Navy a couple weeks ago, thought to be the carcass of a whale.

Carcass of a dead Whale?

Below, is an email interview (by Black Vault) with the actual photographer… who gave some more details and cleared up a few things.  This was their exchange (No corrections have been made. These are the words of Emadaldin Pichkah, the original photographer):

Can you explain in detail how you were made aware of this creature?

At 1030 (lt) – 11.07.2013 when our vessel was standby in Persian Gulf (South Pars Area) one of my friends, Capt. M. Nikkhah made contact with me by radio and inform me that they discovered the huge unknown Carcass that floated in water in their position. So i proceed toward their location and try to approached to this creature. the point was that the horrible smell spread as much as all crew sense that from approximately 200 m (may e more) from the carcass. when we approached to carcass we shot some photos and also inform the position and course and speed of carcass drift to the nearest Drilling Rig this Carcass at that moment drifted in 120 degrees – 1 knt speed. Also the length of this Carcass was approximately between 33 to 39 ft. After 1 hour we left area because of horrible smell.

Giant Unknown Sea Creature

One news article about the July 11, 2013 discovery in the Huffington Post claims the sea creature to be the carcass of a whale.

Giant Unknown Sea Creature

This does not look like any whale I have ever scene on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. Looks like an oversized Alligator.

Giant Unknown Sea Creature


Quick to Judge

People are quick to label something they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with, before they actually know what they are talking about. We tend to throw the unknown into a safe category. I suppose it makes people feel like they are in control. More and more we are learning that Bigfoot, extraterrestrials, some myths, and legends cannot be dismissed as fairy tales or spooky bedtime stories around the campfire. Until we open our minds to the unexplained, we limit the understanding of ourselves. Because as you know, “the Real Truth about Life is Stranger than Fiction.”



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