Missouri Woman Rescued by An Angel

by Jason H

August 10th, 2013

“Truth about Life, Angels do exist.”

Deadly Car Accident Traps 19 Year-old Woman

Angel Priest Rescues Trapped Missouri Woman

New London, MO– On Sunday August 4th around 9:00 am 19 year-old Katie Lentz was tragically hit by a drunk driver trapping Katie in her Mercedes Benz.


In today’s turbulent times, it is refreshing to hear a story with a miraculous happy ending.

A miracle is the only suitable term to explain the rescue of Katie Lentz.

The Prime Creator of the Universe intervened by way of an Angel appearing as a Catholic Priest.

If its NOT your TIME to GO:

YOU may still HAVE lessons TO LEARN

LESSONS to teach.

Maybe Katie’s miracle is more evidence for the world to see of the One True God

“Strengthen Our Faith”

The Car Accident from Hell

Around 9am Sunday August 4th, Katie Lentz, a 19 year-old girl, is hit by drunk driver trapping her inside the vehicle while vital statistics are dropping.

The metal of her car is stronger than cars today and after 45 minutes of trying to cut the compacted materials, the first responders tools are dulling.

A brave and calm Katie for someone to pray out loud.

Mysterious Catholic Priest

The 2 lane country road had been blocked each direction for a 1 and half miles each direction.

Out of nowhere a Catholic Priest appears who looks similar to the late Walter Matthau.

He came up and offered Katie a prayer. Her sense of calmness becomes multiplied.

A couple of the first responders remember hearing after the prayer:

  • Remain calm
  • Your tools will work
  • You will get Katie out of the car

Encounters with Angels


Next the Hannibal Fire Department arrives on the scene with fresh tools.

Shortly after the team of rescuers free Katie for the jaws of death.

She is quickly airlifted by helicopter to the nearest hospital.

Vanish without a Trace

After Katie was secured on the helicopter, a dozen of the rescuers turned around to find and thank the Catholic Priest.

Just like other mysterious Angels who arrive in the nick-of-time, the faithful hero had vanished from the scene.

No one at the scene was aware of where he came from or which direction he left.

69 photos taken at the scene of the accident. Not one photo captured the Catholic Priest.

He simply vanished from the scene.


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