UFO or Interdimensional Entity?

By Jason H

August 9th, 2013

“The Truth about Life is Stranger than Life”

Naples, FL- A strange unidentified flying object hovering over a pool caught on surveillance camera causing the experts to scratch their heads in wonder.

We are NOT Alone

The more advanced surveillance and camera technology becomes, the more we discover the earth is being visited and monitored by off world entities.

The question now is not if extraterrestrials exist from other parts of the universe and if they are visiting planet earth.


“What are extraterrestrials doing here on earth and why?”

Some experts in Ufology say disclosure and/or first contact is upon humanity in the near future. The day we become integrated with Aliens and come to terms with their existence, everything changes for humanity.

The people will start demanding answers from the government about their knowledge of ETs and when they first had contact.

Knowledge is kept from the people for purposes of mass manipulation. The Powers that be are losing their grip on their Matrix control grid.

The National UFO Reporting Center

Keep your eyes in the sky, I believe we are just warming up to the events coming soon.


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