Star Wars Battle for Earth

by Jason H

August 08,2013

Secret Space WarThe Millenium Falcon caught in the middle of a dogfight between X-wing and Tie Fighters references the biggest cult classic movie following in history, Star Wars A New Hope.

Suspend Your Disbelief

This information I am about to share with you may sound so far-fetched you would swear it is out of movie. I don’t have any hard evidence or brilliant theory supporting this claim.

You are going to be very skeptical which is a good thing. Never accept any information you are told as fact or possible without doing your own research.

I do massive amounts of reading and research about the paranormal, extraterrestrials, UFOs, Bigfoot, ancient myths & legends, and conspiracy theories riding on the fringe of truth.

I don’t believe everything I read but never discount the possibility of everything because anything is possible. For the fact that we don’t have a clear understanding or comprehension does not mean the unexplainable is impossible.

Take for example,

  1. Guardian Angels
  2. Bigfoot
  3. UFOs

Guardian Angels

There is quite a few accounts recorded about someone stepping onto the scene at the right moment to save someone from physical danger and sometimes death. After the event these in-the-knick-of-time rescuers vanish without a trace. Credible witnesses on the scene are unable to help identify or track down the good samaritan. The coincidence is too incredible for someone to show up at the exact moment of need, save the day, and disappear without a trace.


Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Yeti sightings have been recorded throughout history all over the world. The circumstantial evidence is not available supporting the argument of 1000s every year who witness Bigfoot swearing the creature is real.

How could an animal below man’s intelligence cleverly remain hidden? We have advanced GPS satellites, sophisticated smartphones, drone technology, and radar at our disposal yet we can’t find a 9 foot hairy hominid cousin running around the forest.


Roswell New Mexico July of 1947 the military claimed it recovered a crashed flying disc and alien bodies reported by the newspaper. The next day headlines retract the military’s previous confession of an alien aircraft crashing with a more unbelievable story that instead a weather balloon accident. Ever since Roswell extraterrestrial and UFO disclosure has been kept from the American Public. I can’t believe anybody bought this story back then.

Three examples of phenomena almost unbelievable but overwhelming evidence exists. Regardless for some people a leap of faith is necessary with the available evidence on hand.

So brace yourself for the next unofficial newsflash. You will be required to take a huge leap of faith. Constructive healthy skepticism is perfectly normal. Are you ready?

Death Star canon

Secret Space War

I only ask that you entertain the possibility that the United States Government (USG) is currently engaged in a space war with malevolent E.T.s. The USG equipped with highly advanced technology battling evil aliens in space using anti-gravity craft, plasma cannons, and space platforms. I know it sounds crazy.

The secret shadow government (SSG) made a deal who they thought were benevolent E.T.s for advanced technology in exchange for human genetic experiment permission.

The experiments were supposed to not harm the subject matter and then later their memory was erased.

Later we discovered human have been abducted and murdered by these aliens who turned out malevolent.

The SSG split into 2 factions:

The Old Black Nobility faction still cooperating with the bad aliens who claimed to be good in exchange for beyond black technology.

The other younger faction who are “American Firsters” are battling in space for the survival of planet earth.

The malevolent E.T.s are referred to as the Third Force. They want to Terraform the earth for an alien invasion and prepare for Lucifer the Caesar of the Ages ruler of the globalist NWO.

Secret Space War VII: Joint USG/Alien Hybrid Program

Out of This World

To be continued…



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