Complete WIPEOUT of ALL DeBt in ALL BaNkS…

By Jason H


NEW C Note


According to Bix Weir Gold-Silver update the entire U.S. dollar currency may crash by September 1st.

Ben Bernanke is stepping down as Chairman of the Federal “Criminal” Reserve on September 1st

The new $100 bill is entering circulation on the October 8th.

  1. contains reference to the “Declaration of Independence”
  2. verbiage about the People over throwing  a Tyrannical Govt’
  3. Numerous Gold images
  4. No All-seeing eye over an Illuminati Pyramid

He makes a compelling argument for the system crashing in the near future.

Watch the Video, let me know what you think about the possibility of All debt in All banks WIPED OUT in the next few months?



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