Skyderalert: Join the Fight Against GEOENGINEERING

By Jason Hate

July 15, 2013

Fight Chemtrails with Skyderalert App

Fight CHEMTRAILS by taking photos of GEOENGINEERING in the sky’s around you with a powerful New App called Skyderalert.

Download the Skyderalert App and join the fight against deadly Chemtrails and Geoengineering exponentially destroying our environment.

The app works like this:

  • See Chemtrails in the sky
  • Launch the Mobile App (camera function)
  • Snap a few pictures
  • Then hit send

The pictures go directly to the appropriate government leaders and media in the area with a petition and letter to end GEOENGINEERING.

Most people are unaware of the massive Chemtrails campaign and dangerous threat to the long-term survival of life on Earth.

However, if you are aware of Geoengineering, Chemtrails, and the critical nature of turning the Planet into a “permanent boiling Greenhouse,” please help while there is still time.

The Chemtrails Greenhouse Irreversible Effect

According Dane Wigington, who has been studying meteorology since the late 90’s and Geoengineering for the last decade, 20,000 tons of aluminum and other particulates are released into the atmosphere every year by the secretive weather modification program.

Dane speculates based on current data and weather modeling, with in 2-3 years we are facing the risk of an ever-increasing GREEN-HOUSE effect that cannot be reversed.

SOLUTION Immediately stop the relentless global aerosol spraying and let the Earth recover on its own.

What You Can Do???



  1. Take the Photo.
  2. Send it in.
  3. Save the World.

Dane Wigington’s website,, contains a wealth of information about GEOENGINEERING and how to get involved to stop the madness.

If you don’t do anything and continue watching “American Idol” or whatever, our children will suffer immensely and may not have an inhabitable planet for their kids.

I have a four year-old son named Aidyn, for his sake I am going out swinging and doing everything I can so he has a healthier happier future.

4 year-old Aidyn
Daddy loves you.

Join the fight, DOWNload SKYDERALERT APP


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