United POLICE STATE of America

Protect and Serve who- the People or Corporations?
Protect and Serve who- the People or Corporations?

I don’t want to scare anybody but I would feel bad for family and friends when they are blindsided by the totalitarian police state coming to America. I wish I could say it all is a bad dream like my mom or dad would say while I was growing up to comfort me after a nightmare.

But come on people, start piecing it all together, the martial law beta test during the manhunt  for the Boston Bombings. Old Benny’s quantitative easing printing party of almost $2 trillion per year, since 1935 Parker Brother’s Monopoly has only printed $67 billion in funny money. The dollar is headed on a one-way collusion course towards financial collapse. The department of homeland security’s massive “domestic” ammo build up of  almost 2 billion rounds in the last couple years, it certainly ain’t for target practice. The intense gun control campaign spear-headed in the wake of media spot light on recent public mass gun murders in Aurora & Sandy Hook. Drones active in domestic U.S. skies and the recent Edward Snowden leak about the extensive NSA spying program on American citizens.

The United States has become a high tech surveillance Police State. Our Liberties have been exchanged for increased security to thwart terrorists like “Al Qaeda,” a terrorist group created by the CIA to oppose Russian occupation of Afghanistan in the 80s. The ongoing never-ending War on Terror against a faceless phantom enemy who’s real purpose is to expand the government power of the people and justify technologies and defense spending.

Edward Snowden, NSA Spy grid whistleblower
Edward Snowden, NSA Spy grid whistleblower


We now live in a society, where everything we do electronically is recorded just in case the government decides we are guilty later. That is not freedom, that is the “tyranny,”  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Eisenhower warned us about throughout history. Our forefathers designed the Constitution, so in the event of Government became to big and powerful, the people had a form of recourse they could take. Now we can’t even take dump in our own homes without the NSA analyzing our toilet tissue paper.

We the People need to get involved and raise our fellow Americans awareness of the silent takeover of tyranny we are all facing. Share this video below, it is an eye opener and a wake up call to the current state of affairs in the United POLICE STATE of america,


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