Bye Bye Seattle Blue Skies

A Native American "Sundog" with 2 Chemtrails thru it
A Native American “Sundog” with 2 Chemtrails thru it

This gallery is a collection of Chemtrails in the sky’s of Seattle. Chemtrails, if your not familiar, are chemicals sprayed out of airplanes at higher altitudes than commercial airlines typically fly, The chemicals are made up of aluminum & many other metals meant to shield the Sun’s ultra-violet rays, said by some experts. However, military or government officials are keeping the general public in the dark about the actual purposes of Chemtrails.

iPhonePics5.24.13 813
Spring of 2013 in Seattle

These chemicals appear to suck the moisture out of the air creating conditions of drought. Weather modification has been going on for decades. HAARP located in Alaska has been rumored to have developed the technology to manipulate the weather creating droughts, floods, tornadoes, and potentially tsunamis.

iPhonePics5.24.13 801
Each Chemtrails run cost taxpayers $500,000

Since I first noticed phenomenon 2 years ago, the frequency of spraying’s have significantly increased as of late in the area I live. From the research I have done, the weather modification project is going on all over the country and many countries around the world, primarily of Western influence.

iPhonePics5.24.13 779
The picture was take on May 24th, 2013 at work during lunch.

Although in the cloud formation photos, I do not have any evidence of a Chemtrail spray before hand. My theory is clouds are beginning to change in appearance from the insertion of on-going Bio-agents by the military- no one in Washing D.C. is talking about.

iPhonePics5.24.13 690
Chemtrails cross paths, some type of strategy I have noticed.

Since our elected officials are not taking any credit for the program nor acknowledging it exists, this leads me to believe that the intentions would not be acceptable to the general public. I do know the polluting of the air we breathe, poisoning our drinking water, and damaging animals and plants at ground level are some of the by-products of geoengineering. Large regions of tree and plants are literally dying off. Respiratory deaths have jumped from number 8 to the 3rd leading cause of deaths in the U.S. in just 6 years.

iPhonePics5.24.13 787
The spraying is done at high altitudes if up to 31,000 ft.

All the photos in this blog are from Seattle taken by me with my iPhone. I recently watched a documentary about Chemtrails, “Why in the World are they spraying?” The video stated that the Pacific Northwest, my home base, has one of the highest frequencies of Chemtrail spraying runs in the country. The weather in Washington state is a precursor for weather patterns in the rest of the country. Manipulating the weather is achieved by spraying where the forecast-ed weather patterns are headed towards a few days before. I witness these Chemtrail runs 2-4 times a day even though I am in the office 9 hours a day during the week.

I find it alarming when I speak to people in the area about Chemtrails, they are clueless to what is going on. Their first thought is to reference the contrails produced by commercial airlines.  Contrails rarely leave behind a white trail, if they do, the trails never linger for hours and expand into odd formations. Unless your paying attention, most likely you will not notice the constant aerial spraying. Clouds in general are looking more spectacular and brilliant, to the point of not appearing organic, like clouds on steroids. Our living environment is being systematically destroyed before our eyes for military and  economic control.

Chemtrails create clouds that do not loo natural
Chemtrails create clouds that do not loo natural

Please share this information with family and friends. We need to educate ourselves and engage these affairs to cause change. Our government demonstrates time and time again they are not looking out for our best interests. In fact they have been instrumental in numbing us to sleep while the wolves feed on us like we were sheep.


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