Put some “Oomph” into Your Social Networking

Social Networking

What is your message? How do you deliver it? Chances are your just like me, trying to figure out how to tap into the phenomenon of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and new players up and coming like Google+, Tumblr, or Instagram. There are so many out there and the next best thing is probably under development right now. There is no easy quick shortcut to building a successful social media network. There is various tools and techniques you can apply to create a loyal following. But when it comes down to it, to be successful requires good old fashioned hard work. Social networking can be profitable and fun at the same time. You can achieve results through just about any of the various social media channels but my platform of choice is Twitter. Whatever medium you choose, don’t lose sight of the basics, bumping elbows and making contact, “networking.”

Social Networking is an exchange of valuable information with people you know or have similar interests. Everybody in social media has an interest, a message, service, or product they represent. The idea behind social media sites is to cultivate the aspirations of your goals into an abundant cyber harvest. Ultimately this done by getting your message, product, or service in front of an audience who is interested in what you have to offer or you add value. The larger and more quality your audience is the more successful social networking sites as a tool will become. Basic math right, show my widget to group of 5 and maybe someone will buy my widget. Expose my widget to a group of 500 and BAM you’ve  got sales. Get the widget in front of 5000 people and well you get the idea. I recommend whatever message, product, or service your promoting is something your passionate about.

Twitter is my social media networking platform of choice because of  it’s simplicity and viral potential to reach a broad market. It’s like taking a Facebook status feed minus all the personal info and the high school drama, using 140 characters to get your message, service, or product out to an international audience.

Evolution Twitter

Your target audience should reflect your message. If your blogging about Italian cooking, build of following of people interested in Italian food. If you have a website promoting health and wellness use the “#Discover” section of Twitter to find people interested in supplements. Follow Twitter accounts who are active tweeters. Active tweeters are more likely to see your tweets and engage  your tweets by commenting or clicking on a link in your tweet. The “@Connect” section is a timeline showing Twitter users who re-tweeted, Favorited, or replied to one of your tweets. Twitter is most effective when you engage your audience. Make sure you stay on top of the “@Connect” page, it will give you feed back on who is interested in your tweeting campaign and a chance to speak directly with your audience.

The KEY in my eyes to a successful Twitter campaign is consistently tweeting daily. In the beginning of my Twitter endeavor I would sometimes go a few days without sending a tweet. What I noticed was during the time I did not tweet, I would not get a single new follower. And yes, you can follow as many people possible everyday and a great deal would you back. Twitter etiquette 101 is to follow back anyone who follows you. But if you just follow as many people possible, the quality of your target audience diminishes.

I became more serious about maximizing Twitter to get my message out to a larger more robust following. After researching about the Twitter “golden rule” follow back when someone follow you, I discovered a software tool called Social Oomph that will automatically follow back new followers. I tried the 7-day free trial that allowed me to auto follow back and send a direct message to my new followers. I really saw the value in auto follow and direct message so upgraded after the free-trial to “Professional

The feature I like best about Professional “Social Oomph” is the “scheduled update” function. This tool allows you to plan in advance the date and time when your tweets will be delivered. I use quotes, funny sayings, information, or whatever you can imagine. You can also set the scheduled tweet to reoccur in intervals of an hour up to 48 hours. This is a great method to maximize the exposure of your tweets. I have learned what works and what doesn’t through trial and error. Scheduling 3 tweets with links to different blog on my site on the same date and time down to the minute (5/27/2013 at 08:35pm), I employ that seems to be generating new followers and traffic to my blog site. I set all 3 tweets to reoccur every 7 hours. Then I schedule a different 3-set of tweets on 05/27/2013 at 10:35pm that contains links to my 3 most recent posts with the 7 hour reoccur feature. You can be very creative with your schedule strategy. For instance, schedule teaser tweets about your 3 recent posts before the actual 3-set publishes. In the month of May my followers group went from about 500 to 900. I look at the “interactions” section of Twitter to see which tweets are commonly retweeted and favorited by your audience. Social Oomph has many other useful features like auto DM to new followers within a couple hours of them following you.  And schedule a blog to publish on other social networking like Facebook or LinkedIn. Another feature allows you to post and schedule photos on various social media channels. Whether you focus on using  just “Twitter” or aggressively take advantage of multiple social networking sites, Social Oomph can seamlessly orchestrate all your online networking activities.


The message I am utilizing social media networking for is, “Truth about Life is Stranger than Fiction.” My goal is to spread knowledge with integrity that challenges the old ways of thinking, helping awaken humanity into new paradigm shift of elevated consciousness. I am in search of the purest of truths, regardless of ugly they might be. I seek to learn about knowledge I can share with my fellow man and help improve his Life. I want to unite the world under One principle, LOVE. One of my most important aspirations is to change the world vibration to a more positive frequency. My biggest motivation to succeed at delivering a message of Truth and Light is the LOVE for my son. I would do anything for him, that includes making the world a better place.

I hope some of the information in this blog will help you develop and grow your social media network. Be passionate about your message, product, or service and most importantly, have fun. Twitter is a great platform for social networking. But there are many avenues out there to connect socially with the world. If you are ready to take this online networking thing to the next level, consider using Social Oomph as a tool. I am not an expert by no means, I am learning as I go. But I do know one thing, no matter how you slice it, dice it, or type it, building a successful online social network requires time, a bit of research, and lots of elbow grease. Good Luck… Happy Networking!


Jason Hate
Jason Hate


Good Luck… Happy Networking!



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