Who is Barry “Obama” Soetero?

by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

April 19, 2013

from Exopolitics Website

“Barack Hussein Obama” delivering the Capstone for

the Boston Marathon false flag operation,

April 18, 2013

By the “deceiver” archetype, I refer to inter-personal, social, spiritual and exopolitical archetypes, not to any specific individual.

The “deceiver” archetype refers to an archetypal social, spiritual, and exopolitical role that an individual may play in society. The “deceiver” archetype embodies duality consciousness (“I win – you lose”) with an emphasis on deception, and is the obverse of Unity Consciousness (“We are all One”) embodied by Christ consciousness.

The individual publicly known as “Barack Hussein Obama” is a reasonable candidate for fulfilling the “deceiver” archetype on at least the following grounds, prima facie evidence for which is set out in this article:

  1. He is practiced in institutional deception since adolescence;

  2. As U.S. President he has covertly participated in and coordinated false flag operations causing ecocide and genocide through environmental warfare; bioweapons; and ionizing radiation.

  3. He was elected to the highest political position of U.S. President by mass deception.

  4. As U.S. President he has covertly participated in and served as “public Capstone” for false flag strategic deception operations intended to deceptively deprive U.S. citizens of their rights under the Bill of Rights including their right to bear arms, and ultimately to depopulate and enslave the U.S. population.

  5. He covertly and intentionally serves as an archetypal “deceiver” asset of an international war crimes racketeering organization intent on installing a global police state known as The New World Order, and he owes primary allegiance to the New World Order crime organization.

Each of the above five (5) aspects of the deceiver archetype of Barack Hussein Obama is documented in extenso (some might say ad nauseam) in the article below.

“Identify the Perpetrator”

Why it is important to expose the deceiver “Barack Hussein Obama” publicly

“Identify the Perpetrator” is a successful strategy that individuals and groups can use when liberating themselves of abuse by a perpetrator whom they have difficulty identifying and naming not only publicly but even to themselves.

“Friendly Fascism” is a methodology that I analyzed as a Futurist at Stanford Research Institute in the mid-1970s as the system that the new world order would attempt to implement in the United States at this time.

“Friendly Fascism” is the programmatic name for the integrated mind control police state that is now being rolled out in the United States, as well as in other jurisdictions around the planet. In the United States variety, “Barack Hussein Obama” serves a key role as the “friendly leader”. “Barack Hussein Obama” is to “Friendly Fascism” what Adolph Hitler was to Nazism.

“Friendly fascism” includes mass mind control technologies ranging from HAARP to ‘synthetic terror events‘ like the Newtown and Boston Marathon that create a “consensual trance” in the population, so the population feels it is imposing “friendly fascism” as part of its democratic process.

In this context, the consensual trance in the United States (and in the world) is still such that “Barack Hussein Obama” is to “Friendly Fascism” what Adolph Hitler was to Nazism in the 1930s.

The consciousness of the typical citizen who is in a “consensual trance” assumes that the ecocidal events,

  • the genocides like Fukushima

  • the false flag operations like Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy

  • the false flag psyops like Sandy Hook Elementary and the Boston Marathon,

…are occurring as “an act of God”, natural events, or random, senseless acts of terrorists or deranged individuals in the case of false flag “terror events”. 

In fact, all of these events are intentional acts of state terror put into operation and/or coordinated under plausible deniability around the chief executive officer of that state, in this case “Barack Hussein Obama.”

Under the “consensual trance”, these false flag events are, where feasible, so designed with “Barack Hussein Obama” as the Capstone who comes in after the tragedy and offers the benediction of the state that will protect the citizens, while concealing the forensic evidence establishing that it is state terror under the plausible deniability coordination of “Barack Hussein Obama” that creates the catastrophe in the first place.

Why it is reasonable to hypothesize

…that “Barrack Hussein Obama” fulfills the social archetype of arch-deceiver

1. “Barack Hussein Obama”

…practiced in institutional deception since adolescence

The individual “Barack Hussein Obama” has since adolescence, if not childhood, become expert in hiding his origins and provenance.

His legal name continues to be “Barry Soetoro”.  The individual assumed the name “Barack Hussein Obama” on October 14, 1982 at a court in British Columbia when he changed his name from his CIA operative pseudonym “Barak Mounir Ubayd” to Barack Hussein Obama”.

This change of name was concurrent with the 1982 CIA assassination by automobile crash in Kenya of a Kenyan civil servant by the name of Barack Hussein Obama.

The fabrication of the intelligence legend of “Barack Hussein Obama”, the role of DARPA quantum access technologies in this deception, and the entire Manchurian candidate deception in which this individual was involved can be seen in an online Powerpoint presentation:

How Intelligence Legend & Manchurian candidate

Barack Hussein Obama was created 

This slideshow, originally presented at The Awakening Center, Mt. Rainer, WA on Feb. 25, 2013, sets out the forensic and documentary evidence showing the systematic pattern of deception and advanced exotic technologies used in the creation and maintenance of the intelligence “Legend” of the Manchurian candidate “Barack Hussein Obama”.



VIDEO: Obama/Soetoro, Time-Travel, & the US Supreme Court

A video analysis by Alfred Lambremont Webre of the creation of the intelligence Legend and Manchurian candidate “Barack Hussein Obama” can be seen below:

 Continue Reading Article…

Barack Hussein Obama is bold faced liar. He has made numerous campaign promises never kept including shutting down Guantanamo Bay, letting Bush-Era tax cuts for the rich expire,  create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners, forbid companies in bankruptcy from giving executives bonuses, end income tax for seniors making less than $50,000 per year, and the broken campaign promises list goes on and on.

Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent. Technically he not even suppose to be President. That is probably why is so terrible because he is a fake.

Obama gave billions to over seas banking institutions in his famous bailout of greedy banking bastards. Hello, dip shit, what about all the citizens of the United States who lost savings, retirements, and house to foreclosure.

The Benghazi murders of 4 Americans is an absolute shame and disgrace by our Government. There is overwhelming evidence of negligence on behalf of the Obama Administration and the wench, Hillary Clinton. I just about keeled over and died when Hillary said in front of Congressional, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” The only one that can give the order to stand down is the president. So while he slept in a comfortable be preparing for a campaign event, four Americans died, when they might have been able to be saved.

If I have missed anything major, please leave a comment!


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