Make LOVE, Not war.

The Power of Love

Peace. Brothers and Sisters across the world unite in LOVE. Bring joy to your neighbors help freely with their labors. Make a difference in the world, SMILE. Extend a helping hand. Look through the eyes of compassion and empathy. Apologize, be thankful, and forgive, one day you may need to apologize for your mistakes, and will be thankful when you are forgiven. Share. Sacrifice. Save a stranger some time by going the extra mile. When you give, you are giving to your self. Give all that you can but don’t expect a thing. Be the bigger person. Love your brothers and sisters for who they are regardless of what you think they should be. Fear and Division are instruments of suppression meant to conquer and destroy. Unify with Courage and Love, follow the Truth into the Light. Raise the vibration by living with Inspiration. Be the change in the world you want to see. “Control how I react in the face of adversity, my attitude will make challenges bow before me.” Show up. Get up. Rise up. Wise up. Get knocked down in life, I advise quickly Get up. Choose and guard your words wisely, whatever you say often will come into play. I can, I will, & I am, whatever you say the subconscious creates a plan that reflects every word you say. Keep it positive. See the cup half full. Believe it will be and it will. Envision world peace, happiness, and the good life. Love thy neighbor. Settle your disputes peacefully, no violence. Compromise. Think about what’s best for all. Remember, Everyone Everywhere, basically desires the same thing, Love, Security, and Shelter. Everyone wants to be loved. Everyone wants to be safe. Everyone wants a roof over their head and food to eat. Together we can Unify under the umbrella of Love for all of humanity’s family. Make LOVE, Not war. Peace.


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