Steven Greer’s Big Disclosure of 6-INCH Extraterrestrial


Dr. Steven Greer is leading the charge for Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C. starting April 29th until May 3rd to make a case for the existence of extraterrestrials before a small select group of Lawmakers. Steven has been making headlines as of late for the release on April 22nd of a documentary called “Sirius,” exploring the discovery of a 6-inch humanoid entity found in Chile’s Atacama Desert about ten years ago. After running a short DNA test, the results verify that the creature is not human and perhaps signaling the possibility of extraterrestrial origins.


The evidence and probability of the existence of ETs has been gaining widespread acceptance among the general public in recent years. However the U.S. government fails to publicly acknowledge the Alien and UFO phenomenon witnessed on a global scale. Some believe the government’s motivation for suppressing the truth is to control alien energy technologies. If free energy technology was released to the public, the Oil tyrants could no longer suppress humanity with fossil fuels that destroy the planet. The greedy elite are beginning to lose their grip on the throats of humanity’s free will.

The results of the “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” could have huge ramifications on the way humanity perceives itself in the universe. Steven Greer and very credible group of witnesses are going to an answer an age old question that deep down, we all know the answer. We are NOT alone. If the United States accepts the truth after all these years of denial, maybe one day this monumental Disclosure Event will give the People access to “alien technologies” that could save the planet.


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