Boston Marathon Bombings Act of Government Terrorism?

Black Operations personnel at the Boston Marathon BombingMore information and witnesses are coming forward each day making it difficult in my eyes not to believe the Boston Marathon Bombings were indeed a false flag. I absolutely “hate” to think (no pun intended), our government is responsible for killing their own citizens to further an agenda.

Have you ever had a friend lie in front of you, knowing you would be aware that they are lying or the steal $5 dollars from someone right in front of you. What makes you think that your friend would not lie to you or steal $100 out of your wallet? Look at our government killing 200 innocent people overseas with a drone in order to eliminate one enemy operative. The 200 innocent people were sacrificed to carry out an agenda. Folks I have news for you, Obama’s Administration most likely has an evil agenda for the American people. Our government is going to deny it had any involvement with Boston Marathon Bombings and point the fingers at homegrown radicalized Muslims.

Sorry, eh eh, ain’t buying it, the lies your feeding the general public are too weak and feeble to stand up against the evidence of truth, either will the majority of Americans out there believe the lies unlike 9/11. On a side note about 9/11, I got one thing to say, “the collapse of build 7 without any cause,” it is a fact anybody can verify it as truth. This time around with the Boston Bombings, your not getting off so easy. There is too many lies by the FBI that Americans are seeing right through. Enough is enough. Even some people in the government are coming forward and agree this is most likely a FALSE FLAG. The 2014 governor of Nevada in this video says he will lead the charge in conducting a proper investigation.


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