Boston-BOMB Marathon False-FLAG

A bombing victim in a wheel chair is rolled through the after carnage of the Boston Marathon FalseFlag terrorist attack on April 15th, 2013.

A small group of individuals who plot in secret to carry out an evil plan is the definition of “conspiracy.” Most people refer to this thinking as Conspiracy Theory type, a paranoid government fearing nut job with a far-fetched fairy tale about the global elite’s criminal schemes created behind closed doors. I view it as intelligent awareness and thinking outside of the box. Welcome to Critical Thinking 301.

April 15th by early evening the New York Post reports law enforcement stated they have a suspect in custody. Then law enforcement officials changed their initial report saying the suspect(s) are still at large. Media and Police begin to release vague and out of focus pictures of the two suspects, ask public for help with identifying culprits thru social media and the likes. The authorities requested photos and videos from the public to assist in the investigation. I speculate the FBI already had all the “Intel” they needed from surveillance cameras and possibly GPS real-time satellite imagery. Theoretically I think law-enforcement officials led the public to identify suspects they already selected in advance. The initial first suspect taken into custody Monday evening April 15th became botched after Infowars  released photo’s and video of off-duty Navy seals and spotters on the rooftop. This leak of new information discredited the patsy suspect they hoped would end end the manhunt for the bombers. At this point they had to find new fall guys to take the blame. Next they introduced the two Chechen brother suspects as the perpetrators who carried out the Boston Marathon Bombing instead. They needed the situation to appear as if the Tsarnaev Brothers were working alone from the perspective of the general public and media outlets. However there are many suspicious anomalies not accounted for by the authorities or given enough attention by the major media outlets. Because in the end we are fed information with a specific purpose not necessarily the truth.


An episode of the TV cartoon sitcom, “Family Guy” that aired on March 17th shows the Peter, the main character, detonating bombs at the Boston Marathon finish line so he can win the race. The video clip of the episode has been scrubbed off YouTube. The episode called “Turban Cowboy” has also been removed from TiVo and other media playlists. On , you are still able to view the“Turban Cowboy” clip with the controversial scenes.

The domain name “” was anonymously purchased 2 days in advance of the incident on April 15th, the only thing on the page is a banner that’s says…




A Facebook page created Created 2 days before April 15th, 2013 April 15th, with the title “Thoughts go out to all involved in the Boston Marathon Explosions” originally created on April 13th, the page was first created April 15th and the first comment on the page referenced the publish date as being creepy. Shortly after the page was taken down and replaced by an identical page created on April 15th. Check out this YouTube Thoughts go out to all involved in the Boston Marathon Explosions and commentary.


April 15th, 2013 by New York Post – Suspect in custody
A federal law-enforcement source confirmed to The Post there are at least 12 dead (GLAD THEY VERIFIED THE FACTS REPORTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT SOURCE) and nearly 50 injured. Fox News reported that Massachusetts General Hospital was treating 10 people with amputated limbs and all operating rooms were on hold. Authorities have a identified a suspect (WHO IS SUSPECTED OF BEING SUSPECT), who is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital with shrapnel wounds. Law-enforcement sources said at least the first explosion occurred in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel.

Navy seals were at the scene dressed in civilian clothes; black jackets & sweatshirts, tan kakis, and tan combat boots. One of the producers at noticed the “Punisher Logo” commonly worn by Navy Seals on their baseball caps and shoulder patches on several supposedly off duty military personnel. Many eye witnesses saw spotters on a few different rooftops with binoculars at the start and finish of the race. The Boston Marathon Bombing happened on the same day as controlled Explosion drills were conducted by Boston Bomb squad. An event that was fully denied by the FBI – Bomb-squad Drill


Tamerlan Tsarnaev,  26-year old suspect, is dead from a gun fight on the MIT campus and now Dzhokhar, his 19-year old brother is now in custody. The upcoming  information released by law-enforcement officials will most likely serve perhaps a new or existing agenda already in play. In order to understand the purpose of such a horrific act of homegrown terrorism, one must consider who benefits.

What do two Chechen immigrants stand to gain from an act of terrorism against their new adopted country? Possibly gives them am opportunity to express their ideologies and hatred towards a government waging war abroad against terrorism (Mostly Muslim States). Perhaps an attempt to attract the kind of media attention that comes with high casualty sensational acts of violence. Maybe they are attempting to payback or teach society a lesson for an injustice they have suffered. Were they exploited
by a radical or military group to further a greater agenda?

Governments have been known throughout history to stage acts of terror throughout history against their own people to further an agenda serving a select few. A foreign or domestic government may wish to make a political statement and advance their strategy against a group or cause. They may also use a false flag event to distract the general public from the true intentions of their agenda or possibly sneakily carry out a phase of the master plan.

During the Boston Marathon Bombing media onslaught of coverage all week, on Thursday the US House of Representatives passed the #CISPA bill – Internet spying legislation while the nation was engulfed in almost real time accounts of capturing the bad guys. Constant Twitter updates with pics of SWAT team Armored vehicle creeping house to house in residential areas in Watertown. Both Republicans and Democrats referenced acting on the CISPA as taking steps to improve security after the Boston Bombing. CISPA is a bill aimed expanding Cyber Security. Sound familiar, use a terror attack on US soil, so citizens willfully give up their rights for protection from the government. 9/11 PATRIOT ACT – False Flag

Who is pulling the strings behind the curtain of black operations?
Who is pulling the strings behind the curtain of black operations?


Mother’s Plea

An interview with the mother (who lives in Russia) of the Tsarnaev brothers claims her boys are innocent and were led by secret service men of the United States. Listening to her testimony, I could hear the conviction in her voice insisting her children were not capable of such a horrific act of terror on their own. From my own Twitter account I witnessed a number of tweets by people who either were friends or school mates of the Tsarnaev brothers. The most common reaction was of shock and disbelief. The general consensus was they were stand up guys, nice, and oddly enough some said they used the term “angel” to describe the suspects. I looked up Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Twitter account Jahar@J_tsar yesterday and he had 32,500 followers, today Dzhokhar has 85,000 total followers. You would think a guy who was suspected of killing children and causing mass casualties would NOT be so popular. My gut tells me people are not buying the dis-fragmented story the law-enforcement cooked up.

Uncle Ruslan

On the flips side of the mother’s compelling sincere belief in her sons’ innocence, the Uncle Ruslan living in the United States gave a residential press conference outside of his home condemning the Tsarnaev Brothers and shaming his nephews. He stated they were “losers and unhappy because they were unsettled in the US and jealous those who were well-adjusted. He really did not give any other substantial explanation for why they did it. I find it hard to believe an immigrant would commit a heinous crime against the general public because they were struggling to adjust to life in America after 10+ years of living here. I find most immigrants who come to America with little or nothing tend to work hard, get educated, and most cases become prosperous. I notice the Uncle nervously botched recalling the last time he had contact with his nephews. I believe first he said, “2005” then he corrected himself saying it was, “December of 2006.” His intention appeared to be expressing shame and embarrassment towards his brother’s side of the family. He also defended the ideological beliefs of his brother, stating he worked long hours as a mechanic to put bread on the table. With out having any real contact with his nephew for almost 7 years he labels them both “losers.” If I have not been in contact with a person for 7 years, and last I knew them as a terrible person. It would be difficult to speculate on their current behavior and personality. I could theorize that based on 7 years ago, if they have not changed, most likely they are still a bad egg. The uncle gives no particular examples of why the should be labeled “losers.” Intuitively speaking, I would say authenticity of the uncle’s testimony seemed a bit in-organic and rigid. Some of his statements seemed not congruent with the others. His supposed angry toward his nephew leeched out at reporters, sometimes coming off snappy when questioned. His speech at times was choppy and not as fluid as some emotionally charged public displays of shock and grief. I realize under these conditions sometime words are clogged in the mind, need to be pushed out because of the trauma generated by events of this magnitude and impact. I felt there was more thought process involved in recalling the idea rather than struggling to get the thought out. I could be wrong but I invite the general public to watch the clip and subjectively evaluate there gut feeling. Emotions are difficult to fake and even more difficult to conclude a specific level of intensity. People express emotions with different shapes, sizes, and colors. The uncle’s canvass of expression, in my opinion, looked dull, bland, and out of focus. See Uncle condemn his nephews for yourself.


On the April 16th Coast to Coast – George Noory/Alex Jones AM with George Noory, Alex Jones reported he personally knew one of the Marathon runner represented by the Army. The runner he spoke about was pulled out of the race by Army representatives stationed at one of the watering holes before he could finished the race. He was pulled out because his team feared he had became to dehydrated. The Army marathon participant felt well enough to finish and had trained adequately. What was the real motive for taking him out?

FBI Investigator at press conference IGNORES question about Bomb Drill? from reporter asking, “Why are law enforcement officials denying that a bomb drill took place on April 15th?” When there was multiple eyewitnesses who saw bomb sniffing dogs and heard announcements about the bomb drill over the loudspeaker? During the same press conference, the spokesperson for the FBI instructed the general public to only provide photos, videos, and info about the two Suspected brothers and disregard anything else you may think is relevant to the case. In essence, forget the navy seals in tan kakis and combat boots, the law enforcement spotters on the roof with binoculars at the start and finish of the race, the bomb sniffing dogs used at the beginning and end of the marathon, the announcement of the bomb drill over the loud speaker. Disregard any intel contrary to the Chechen brothers like it did not happen. Case in point Retired Lt Colonel weighs in on BMB



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