Korean Conflict of Interest


In recent weeks, North Korea has made escalating aggressive verbal threats towards South Korea and the United States in response to joint-military exercises that are claimed to be routine. Kim Jong Un, the North’s new leader, appears to display the same chest puffing posture his father used frequently. He might be trying to rally the support of his citizens by demonstrating his prowess as a military leader. The recent sanctions on North Korea for an underground nuclear test back in February of this year surely puts a strain on the North’s population.

The back and forth verbal rhetoric between the U.S. and North Korea is creating a very tense environment ripe for an North Korean opportunity to bargain for softer U.N. policies. Nuclear threats against the U.S. cannot be taken lightly or accepted as an aggressive tactic aimed at achieving a more favorable diplomatic position. However, North Korea has not strategically aligned its military resources for an immediate conflict with the South.  

But when someone repeatedly calls you and threatens to shoot and kill you. At some point you need to take the situation more seriously regardless if the person has a gun. Russia is pulling diplomats out of the North a midst escalated military exhibits of aggression. China on the other hand seems off in the shadows not really voicing any strong participation of the matter.

Logically China is the best option for calming the North’s war drumming. At this point the Red Giant is not openly taking any action to defuse North Korea’s rhetoric. The world is in a very volatile state of affairs. It seems like war is ready to breakout in many parts of the world at the drop of a pin. The Korean crisis is very complex and contains numerous layers to consider when drawing up a solution to prevent War.

The events we are witnessing very well maybe the unfolding of a calculated plan designed with specific military or political outcomes in mind. The world’s attention is now drawn to the North vs South orchestra in Asia while the Syria/Iran conflict is still quietly boiling. The North Korea crisis is in a critical state and a peaceful resolution is best for the people. My view is that no country should use military force against another as a means to settle disputes or change political systems. I call out the leaders of the world to do what is right for the People.


Jason Hate


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