What is Homeland Security planning to do with 1.6 Billion rounds of AMMO?

What is Homeland Security planning to do with 1.6 Billion rounds of AMMO?.


First off, share this information with everyone, friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors; Homeland Security has an open purchase order for 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition over the next 4-5 years including hollow point bullets outlawed by international law for use in wars and an alarming amount of sniper specialized rounds.

The Homeland Security department typically uses 15 million rounds a year for shooting ranges and training exercises. Over the next 4-5 years they have an open purchase order for 5 bullets for every American. In comparison, at the peak of the Irag war, 6 millions rounds of bullets were used each month. 1.6 Billion rounds of Ammo could easily sustain a conflict on U.S. soil for over 20 years.

ALERT, ALERT, ALERT, sound all the ALARMS. What in God’s Green Earth is our government preparing for? Alien invaders? Civil unrest caused by the coming collapse of the dollar. With a national debt quickly approaching $17 Trillion, who approved a gigantic ammo rainy-day fund. Shouldn’t the citizens of the U.S. get to vote on buying bullets that will potentially be shot at them (the ones paying for the ammo).

The Bigger question is, should “We the People of the United States,” be preparing for a national crisis? The recession of 2008 is a walk in the park compared to the ensuing Global Financial upheaval predicted by most economist experts in the world. The European Union looks to be the first domino to fall. Top heavy DEBT-burden governments and Great Depression-like unemployment rates will probably trigger one of the most incredible finance meltdowns in human history (Buy GOLD quick). Potentially, a COLLAPSE of the dollar will ignite civil unrest and rioting across the U.S. If inflation becomes so high nobody can buy a loaf of bread at Safeway, the government may establish martial law to maintain order.

The upcoming Global Financial Meltdown has been completely manufactured for the purpose of the greatest transfer of wealth in history. Debts are commonly used to accumulate assets and real property. When the debts are not paid, the deb-tee can go after tangible assets and real property of the debtor. Why was the debtor unable to repay? Central banks excessively print and circulate currency into the economy with the intention of stimulating growth in a depressed cycle. The end result is devalued currency with less buying power causing goods and services to increase in cost. The increase in cost makes it difficult to maintain and secure personal wealth. Add in high unemployment rates caused in part by shipping jobs overseas and people begin to lose their tangible assets and real property.  In essence your personal wealth becomes the property of the deb-tee, dirty Bank. Remove the paper currency (not money) made out of thin air with no gold to back the note, you have a clever way to enslave people on a massive scale without them realizing it.

America will become a third world nation over night when this wealth transfer/global finance collapse takes place. The U.S government is preparing for a bumpy ride. The citizens of this country will be in a compromised place and rise up against the powers that be. You can be damn sure the government will be ready. I find the Obama Administration’s recent Gun Control Campaign significantly IRONIC considering the recent procurement actions of Homeland Security. Beefing up AMMO inventories almost 11 times the normal usage in a year seems a little suspect considering the American public are required to scale back the types of guns they can own. 1,600,000,000 Bullets. 5 rounds for every man, woman, and child in the United States. Folks, I am not trying to scare you but make you more AWARE. Protect your family and love ones. Stand up for Liberty and Freedom as our founding forefathers did when they established this Great Nation.

By Jason Hate


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