John F. Kennedy, the Last President for We the People

This speech made by John F. Kennedy, may have triggered his assassination in 1963. He stood up to the same establishment of power and greed that manipulates and controls the lives of Americans and the rest of the world from the shadows of secrecy. There is no one in Washington today or since that has come to grips with the evil and corruption running rampant within our political system. Politicians in our government serve multi-national corporations and their profit-based agendas. It is possible, large sums of money under the table are used to influence laws and regulations in favor of the global elite.

Almost 50 years later the assassination of JFK still remains a mystery. Numerous conspiracy theories exist and all lead down the path of possibilities but none arrive at a plausible destination. Did Lee Harvey Oswald commit this crime by himself? How many gunmen? Was the CIA involved? What role did the Italian Mafia played? Were there 3 or 4 bullets fired? Was the rifle trajectory from Texas School Book Depository even possible? The list goes on and on. One fact about the investigation I do know, critical facts and information remain missing that could shed light on the real story.

According to the above speech, I believe Kennedy intended on cleaning up the government and challenging corruption on a global scale. He became a threat to the monopoly of power and greed that has incrementally taken over our government and country. I imagine JFK fully realized the implications of standing up for the Truth. This task of taking on the bad guys required the kind of courage worthy of Marvel Comic Superheroes. He died for Liberty, Justice, and Truth. He is the last true American President before the clutches of corruption subtly dug into the fabric of our democracy. As long as men die, Liberty shall never perish. John F. Kennedy kept Liberty alive with the sacrifice he made for, “We the People.”

Perhaps there is an alternate reality where JFK was not assassinated on November 22, 1963. A world in which Kennedy was able to stomp out tyranny and its allies of deceit. I believe he had a very different vision of today’s world that we live in. The vision he saw of America exemplified Truth, Justice, and Liberty, the American way. A country aware of it’s short-comings but vigorously working to better itself. A nation working side by side with neighboring states to improve living conditions for ALL with a helping hand instead of the barrel of a weapon. Spreading democracy by example instead of dropping bombs. Sharing the vast resources of mother nature with everyone as opposed to creating artificial supply and demand. Caring for the environment as a family takes care of a new born. With abundant love and gentleness. I am thankful for the life I have lived, the good and bad experiences that have enriched my time here. As I look to the horizon of the world stage, my heart bleeds for the challenges my beautiful son might face someday. I don’t want to point fingers at this generation or that, the global elite, government, or evil man did or did not prevent. My dream is for ALL to come together as ONE, change the future positively, and let Love, Light, and Truth pave the way. Sharing Peace and Happiness with the entire family of humanity. No rich, no poor, ugly or pretty, smart or dumb, black or white, male or female, or any other means used to divide us. Just people living in harmony. A unified group, the Law of One.

By Jason Hate


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