How to make a HOMEMADE fabric softener?

How to save money?
How to save money?

The cost of food, gas, utilities, and just about everything is rising in thanks to the Fed currently printing more money than Monopoly does yearly ($2Tril approximation). I have been looking to cut corners and save money like everyone else. One of the little things among others is buying sheet fabric softeners at a $5-7 for the better brands. After pulling out several loads of laundry with snappy static cling results. I wondered if putting a paper towel and spraying some Fer-breeze on it would do the trick. Isn’t that what a fabric softener is? An overpriced piece of paper towel like material scented with perfumes?

I think there is many different ways to accomplish things at a low cost with no negative effects on the environment. Bleach is another item I have eliminated to save costs. I was doing a load of whites and wanted to use vinegar as a substitute for bleach. I looked up the uses of vinegar online just to make sure that was even plausible. I discovered a link to a Reader’s Digest article called “150+ Household Uses for Vinegar”. Now not only do I use vinegar as a bleach substitute but also use it to clean everything in my house from the kitchen to the bathroom and everything else in between. Using vinegar is far cheaper than cleaners you buy at the grocery store, better for the environment, safe for your kids and pets to be around, and did I mention far cheaper. You don’t see commercials for using alternative products that are far cheaper and better for the environment. Hmmm… maybe I should make a Youtube video promoting Vinegar as a household cleaner. Then from traffic generated the corporate greed machines would pay me to compete with them and take away some of their business. Perfect double whammy.

Did Bernanke work a part-time job at Monopoly in college?
Did Bernanke work a part-time job at Monopoly in college?

Folks we need to think outside of the box to shift the world in a positive direction. If We the People continue to follow the and use the term loosely, “appointed” civic leaders, we are headed for a dismal future. Its like a pack of Wolves leading the entire population of chickens on earth to a slaughterhouse. We are thinking to ourselves, “What the Cluck?” The Wolves keep on insisting they are looking out for our best interests and safety. Yeah right!!! LOL

Anyway, Is anyone aware of the active ingredients of sheet fabric softeners? What about the composition of the paper sheet? Is there any merit to my theory that fabric softeners are just paper towels with fancy perfumes? What other alternative products or methods are available to save money and the environment?

Please share your homemade remedy tips and techniques.

by Jason Hate


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