Love will Prevail

Love Consciousness
Love Consciousness

A Dark cloud has been cast over Mother Earth. Fear not, Love all. See your local world in the mind as safe, loving, and beautiful. The Hologram we call reality is a reflection of internalized feelings. These emotions are powerful and effect our outside world good or bad. What ever we choose? Our free will shall be Loving Light and Living in Truth. Humanity is going thru a transition, a rebirth of consciousness. This change will rock the foundations of order cleansing away the disease rotting our society. A chaotic time of turbulence. Followed by peace and harmony. But in the mean time to protect yourself from the outer world, you must first protect the inner world of your thoughts. Focus on Peace, Love, and Light. I pray for you and all my brothers and sisters across the world living in hostile environments. I promise you Love will prevail.

by Jason Hate


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