Internet Knowledge is Power

"I got the Power"
“I got the Power”
With the advent of the Internet all the knowledge in the world is at your fingertips. Don’t just take information given to you at face value. Research it. Investigate alternative media sites like bibliotecapleyades, various mainstream outlets, read books, and talk to different people to draw your own conclusion. Most information coming from mainstream media outlet’s are bias towards their corporate sponsor’s view.
Always keep an open mind about any subject. Be willing to change your view or perception as new facts or data are introduced into the equation. Mankind was convinced the Earth was flat at one point in history. Seek and search the truth in everything you do and the correct answers will come in time. If you think what you currently know is absolute, your mind ‘s potential will be flat.
But if your always looking to wrap your head around the truth, a whole universe is out there to discover. The time and tried cliche states,“the truth shall set you free.” Are you free or letting others shape and control your thoughts?
“Leave a comment share Your Knowledge.”
by Jason Hate

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