One Love

Universal love for all but They can not hang

With this type slang Way I formulate

Most folk think I sound strange

Complex words arranged Another dimension

Higher frequency range Vibrate Telepathic to your brain

Word anomalies Leave permanent stains

Everlasting universal Quench like rain

To thirsty plants That never complain

About the pain From lack of H2O

Can’t hardly sustain Undying faith

From root to leaf top without a doubt

Moisture will drop The infinite universe

Has not forgot Never will stop

Providing for all It has begot

Growing from lessons us Humans are taught

For example The heart of creation

Love’s constant tic-toc A rhythm No one can stop

The beat of creation will always hip hop


Granting even the weak A chance to be strong

Rise above with Love’s harmony song

harmony that can correct wrong

Even evil’s tune soon Will sing a new song

New horizon tuning vibration

To the next frequency destination

A cause for celebration Transcend reinvention

For the spirits Will love thy intervention

To the next 

Inter-galactic planetary Planetary inter-galactic

Another dimension Another dimension

“Human race can I get your attention”

Are you ready for a shift
In consciousness?

Love revolution is a gift
from our universe

Receive it free like the plant
Your soul will never again thirst
Cuz your heart does not curse
Instead it loves sincerely first

My message “Love first”
Cuz the universe “First love” is


Peace and Joy
A time to rejoice

Love u always Aidyn

My boy Aidyn, the Love of my life.


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