Change the Dial

Galaxy Spiral
The beautiful Cosmos

Matter is sound vibrating at certain frequencies. We are able to process 7 frequencies of light. Once you begin raising your awareness the vibrations become more vibrant and dialed in. For those of you who remember tuning the dial of old analog antenna radios, the process is similar to finding the sweet spot. A millimeter to the left and the reception is fuzzy. A millimeter to the right still fuzzy. A hair back and forth and bulls-eye crystal clear reception. Think of the Body as an antenna. All of life’s distractions and stresses prevent the Spirit from receiving a clear signal. The distractions of TV, movies, celebrity gossip, or who’s gonna win the Super Bowl of “really no significance.” The stress of work, relationships, lack of or too much money can demand vast amounts of time and energy with no spiritual return. The entire time we are engulfed in the noise of life, the Universe is transmitting Cosmic energy and information that can potentially enhance our lives. We sometimes get caught up in watching the Jersey Shore reunion episode or American Idol or playing Halo for umpteen hours straight. These trivial activities keep us out of tune with the Universe. We are unable to operate at a higher consciousness. Back in the day, when tuning old radios by dial was not working, the sound was still fuzzed out no matter where you turned the knob, what did you do to get better reception? Moved the antennae around physically to different angles, to catch a better signal. If that did not work sometimes, you had to move the radio to a different spot in the room. For us to tune into a higher State of Consciousness, perhaps we must move away from the distractions and stresses to get better reception. Maybe that space for signal quality is a quiet place, Mother Nature destination, or just taking time out each day to clear the mind of all thoughts. Meditation, relaxation, or a casual walk in the park are great ways to dial in and receive better Cosmic reception. Think about the information we dial into everyday, does it feed the spirit or bleed our life energy and vitality when we hear it. Tune into the Source and you will change your life course to a “higher State of Consciousness.”


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