GUNverment CONtrol

Billy shoots Toy Gun

I find it ironic our government is trying to make it difficult for Americans to own assault type weapons but allow constant images of violence with guns in TV, movies, video games, and most toys sold come with some type of weapon to hurt others.

It is also interesting that 100,000 people die a year in the US from adverse effects of drugs approved by the FDA as “safe” according to information from the FDA’s website. Obama is not banning pharmaceuticals with new legislation to regulate a $2 trillion dollar a year industry controlled by greedy drug manufacturers.

The President exercised executive privilege when information leaked that assault weapons were allowed to be smuggled into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels by the ATF. So it seems as if our government can commit atrocities towards it citizens and break the law.

BUT the Obama administration is attempting to disarm or take away gun privileges based on random gun shootings with multiple deaths in public places. It would seem the media coverage of these tragedies supports Obama’s initiatives for gun control. Well if the American public did not watch the trash of violence in the media on a 24 hour continuous basis, Obama would have no leg to stand on. The people would not be psychologically manipulated by the propaganda machine. Ban guns and control the population access to weapons and then order a drone attack that murders innocent people. Something is not adding up???

I have heard a few theories about the sudden subtle gun control campaign the government is waging. One theory is that when the dollar collapses the US economy, severe rioting with breakout because food and gas prices. Another theory postulates martial law will be activated because of the dollar collapse, a false flag terrorist attack, or some type of event that calls for drastic measures to maintain civil order.

In April of 2012 the DHS (Department of Homeland Security), SSA, and possible a few other domestic agencies received over a billion rounds of hollow point bullets into inventory. The Geneva Convention prohibits the use of hollow point bullets on the battlefield. Why do our domestic agencies have possession of this type of ammunition? What are they planning for?

Mr. President, how is a ban on assault weapons for citizens acceptable yet the government has stock piled illegal rounds of ammunitions on the battlefield to use against it’s citizens? I smell a rat.

The right to bear arms is a Constitutional right for Americans to defend themselves against foreign invaders and a means to overthrow an unfit government. I think the ones in Washington who know deep down that they have committed treason are fearful of a day of reckoning.

A peaceful resolution is always the best path. It would appear that some of Washington are not planning for a peaceful resolution in the wake of economic and social turmoil created by none other than guess who, the government. My advice is love thy family, love thy neighbors, love thy country, and protect thy loved ones with all your heart.

By Jason Hate


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