Erase Middle East Hate

Persian comedian pokes fun of the US and Middle East
Persian comedian pokes fun of the US and Middle East

I go by the stage handle of Jason “Hate”, given to me for my first big “dj” show in a club over 10 years ago. Bill, the promoter of the night who happen to be one of my friends, was printing flyers to promote his new weekly Thursday night at one of Seattle’s’ most Chic clubs. So my friend, Bill, asked me what alias aka dj name should he put on the flyer. I did not have a “dj” name fairly new to the art. So he gave me a couple days before the flyers were to be printed to come up with one. Well I could not think of anything cool like Dj Scribble, Dj Scrabble, Dj Glowstick, Juicy J, DJ What’s-my-name or Dj Icey-icecube. Good dj etiquette is to let someone else Cristen your “aka” (that’s what I heard at the time)So Bill took it upon himself and came up with “Jason Hate.” That was really an ironic thing to come up with. I am not hater, I don’t play skinhead or dark music. But it has stuck with me for over 10 years ever since Bill put on the flyer.

Hate is such strong word. People say I hate the rain, I hate Mondays, I hate spiders, and I hate this I hate that. Hate hate hate. I believe when you “say” the word hate to describe your feelings towards whatever. You release negatives feelings out into the universe. The negative energy picks up momentum and returns to sender.

In today’s world hateful thoughts and expressions run amuck. Conflicting religions  strongly oppose other perspectives. People having ill intentions towards other races. Governments spilling blood in other countries- exploiting other governments to steal wealth and take power. If this country (US) was occupied by a foreign military. Our citizens would boil with hate. More hate would manifest and create more and more negativity. Israel and Palestine appear to be teaming with hate. Shi’a and Sunni factions of Islam are engulfed in violent opposition. The United States may be stirring up major problems in the Middle East but claim they are providing democratic solutions.

ALL groups, governments, religions, and all people need to replace the war mongering hatred with LOVE. I believe the masses generally do NOT want war but get twisted by the greedy-power-hungary-vampire like leaders manipulated by demonic forces from a different dimension (that’s another story). If you were to take a poll of the general public in the Middle East and the United States, I imagine the majority are against bloodshed and conflict with their neighbors.

But the powers that be who are waging war on other countries and in some cases their own citizens do not share the same sentiments towards humanity. All of us can help change the world. You may not have a powerful government, military, or corporation behind your cause. A cause that supports- Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for the people of all Nations. You do have thoughts that can be very powerful. Thoughts of fear. Thoughts of hate. Exercise your Thoughts of Hope & Love for your fellow brother in the Middle East or right down the street. Jason “hates” the word hate but he is willing to forgive and forget the word to embrace all. Open your hearts laugh and smile. Check out this video of a comedian from Iran. He is hilarious.

Maz Jobrani – Axis of Evil Comedy Tour

by Jason Hate


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