Explain this?

Is this some type unidentified flying object traveling through a worm hole? Is a bird? A plane? It ain’t no Superman. I have read about the US Military developing anti-gravity aircraft under the guise of black budget programs. I would be surprised if the technology was capable of traveling through the fabric of space, if indeed this was a worm hole captured. That only leaves one other possibility. Intelligent life from an off-world location and interstellar space traveling capabilities.

If the clip above is in fact an actual ET, it can do far more than phone home. One can only imagine how things will change when extraterrestrials make contact on a global scale or the day all governments disclose intelligent off-world beings exist.

This event will have monumental implications reshaping the way humanity views it’s history, religion, and political systems. Vast amounts of history may need to be re-written. Many anomalies of antiquity mainstream science and academia have difficulty piecing together my yet be explained.

Take the Pyramids of Giza for example, modern day man is not capable of constructing such ancient monolithic structures with all the latest 21st century technology at our disposal. The precision of the engineering is so incredible, it’s hard to believe the ancient Egyptians pulled it off with such primitive tools. Is it possible they got help or advanced technology from extraterrestrials? Yes;)

The world religions will under go an extreme time of reflection and reevaluation after the day of First Contact. The lies that have been twisted into the texts of most sacred doctrine will become transparent and self-evident. I believe the truth of these ancient texts have been used to manipulate and shed far too much blood. A higher more advanced order may have to be considered.

One can only imagine the impact first contact to the general public will have on our current corrupt political systems. Would chaos and mayhem breakout? Will people view authority and laws the same? The US government has restricted suppressed 6000 patents in the name of national security. Some patents involving innovative energy systems. How many of those patents could be used to end dependency on fossil fuels? Are some from reverse engineered extraterrestrial origins?

There is considerable evidence the US has been in contact with extraterrestrials for over fifty years and developed technology with off world origins. Some of the technology is no doubt kept from the public to maintain a military advantages. What technologies remain hidden that could potentially improve living conditions on the planet? It is sad to think that technology out there with incredible positive applications is suppressed so corporations can monopolize profits off mankind. Over 100 years JP Morgan screwed over Tesla stealing his patents pertaining to unlimited source of free energy because it could not be metered and controlled.

When the general public finds out about the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials and the role they have played in the development of humanity throughout history everything changes. The most significant paradigm shift in human history when mankind can “explain this?” Is it possible unexplained UFO sightings are extraterrestrials visiting earth? How will the day of disclosure impact the world? Better? Worse?


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