What are they smoking in the White House?

“We can get away with this too.”

Obama appoints Monsanto Lobbyist to Head FDA. Yes, explain this shit. Massive amounts acid and mushrooms. A couple empty Jack bottles and a few batches of Michelle’s happy brownies. Did somebody forget to take their Ritalin? Hilary Clinton had another emergency hospital visit. This time she had the rest of Obama’s common sense surgically removed.

Now he is openly helping the bad guys right in broad day light for the whole world to see. Monsanto has cornered the 80-90 percent of the farmer seed market. They are controlling the market with  patents on their genetically modified seed. Forcing most farmers to buy their seed only. In essence they are trying to control all the seeds used to grow crops for food by eliminating all organic and natural seed. Does that alarming to anybody? Is anybody out there? Does anybody care?

What a joke. Let’s put the Big Bad Wolf in charge of all the pigs on the farm. No better yet let’s put the Big Bad Wolf in charge of all the pigs in America. Mr President you have made me the happiest Wolf in the world. A round of Bacon for all my good pals on Capital Hill. Who is in charge of the government? The President? The democrats? The Republicans? Let me guess, the Greedy Money Monster is running wild through the halls of democracy. Oh boy, complete abandonment of supervision or oversight; no hall monitor, the parents on vacation (the teens are having a party), an R-Rated movie with no parental guidance, or a substitute teacher for high school gym class. The lobbyist from Monsanto will be like a kid in the candy store.

The lobbyist job before the appointment to Head of the FDA, was to influence politicians in favor of Monsanto’s best interest. Monsanto now has an agent inside of the FDA leading and making key decisions in day-to-day operations. In my eyes this is not a good match and could have grave implications for the American people. Monsanto on the other hand will surely see a gain in profits and power. How many corporate representatives are in the Obama Administration? Does Obama honestly think appointing a lobbyist from Monsanto to head the FDA  is a good idea? Is this a move to solidify Monsanto’s dominance in the seed market? Is the day approaching when all seed used by farmers is genetically modified? What health effects will the population suffer over time?

Please comment, what do you think?

by Jason Hate


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