What is the NWO? Take a dollar bill out of your pocket if you still carry the paper stuff. Find the pyramid with the all seeing eye at the top. At the base of the pyramid are the Latin words “Novus Ordo Seclorum.” It does not require a college professor to figure out the meaning! NEW WORLD ORDER. Why would the US world currency reserve or should I say former currency reserve, display this message? Are the global elite planting a seed? A diabolical plan for world domination right in front of eyes? There is no way anybody would be so bold. Or is there? If you research central banks & other multi-national lending institutions, big pharmaceutical companies, the military industrial-complex, the media, and politics, you will find the majority is controlled by a small group of wealthy elite. This group is almost untouchable by justice or righteous authority. They will stop at nothing until they control everything and everybody on the planet. They pledge their allegiance to greed at the cost of human life and the destruction of the environment. They have suppressed free clean energy from the world. They create competition and scarcity of resources for no other reason than to profit off human debt slavery. Humanity has been manipulated for hundreds if not thousands of years by these same actors. Keeping mankind in the dark about it’s true history. They have enjoyed domination and their world order unmatched or challenged by any advisory or group. But that is all changing soon. The universe is vibrating at a higher rate or frequency. The increase naturally effects everything in the universe including humanity. So through this upward vibration shift, mankind’s awareness and consciousness are receiving a cosmic boost. We will eventually as a collective unified species see right thru the New World Order and its culprits. Their actions will become very transparent and grip of control wither away like weeds pulled and left on concrete on a hot summers day. In these last days of suppression and debt slavery all stops will be pulled out to maintain the illusion of order spun by media and government. Lies. Lies. Lies. People who are compulsive liars believe their own lies and tend to confuse their own lies. The leadership of governments in just about every nation is confused and clouded about their purpose. What is the purpose of government? Why are elected officials in office? Who do they represent? How do the people hold them accountable? Are they civil servants or pawn pieces of the NWO? Image


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