Forget Homeless; Feed the Greedy

Power and the money,
money and the Power
minute after minute,
hour after hour
night after night, day after day
look at us America we fuck’in slaves
life determined by how much we paid
Dollars outta cents, cents into Dollars
from blue to shot collars
affects nerds even popular
the postman, doctor,
senators and rockstars
Chase the green for material things
rice & beans, and engagement rings
in tha end don’t mean a thing
Are we slaves living American dreams?
Borrow from China they own everything
Our dreams for loan,
government scheme
ruled by politicians acting like Kings
What is righteous means nothing
lie, steal, and hide it from us
true intentions greed and money lust
already the bastards got plenty
Why we scrape by on pennies
Payday to paycheck lose our jobs
mortgages and the family dog
Someone profited from our loss
Have-it-now society at any cost
Cheat the taxman steal from the boss
Shoplift from Goodwill return to Ross
Mark-ups are a fuckin ripp-off
made in Bangkok charge allot
For Ralph Lauren what a Crock
Give me a break 50 bucks a sock
Goto Mexico buy the knock-off
Pirated PCs with stolen technology
American companies now compete with overseas
with the IP we gave them for free
so corporate can manufacture cheap
lay-off Americans with nothing to eat
Stockholder’s profit up by three
points to more profits for the heads of office
mean while rest of us absorb the losses
send jobs over seas but keep big bosses
thats just awesome unless your at the bottom
Bank robbers gobbling us with fees
make bad loans crash tha economy
fix it by borrowing more money
“create more debt to bailout the dummys”
who created this mess
seems kind of funny
the politics behind money
sell outs sold our country
hard to believe we voted this destiny
trust few to protect majority
motherfuckas abused authority
bankrupt morally borrowed horribly
Sign of thieves usually lie orally
normally dressed in suits every morning
Does not matter the time
when greed overtakes the mind
all one sees is dollar signs
all they need all the time
more green buy more things
if no-one notices is it a crime
anything goes
when the conscious goes blind
to how ughly is the love of money
runs your life if you don’t have plenty
got more than enough want more stuff
requires more time on the grind
to accumulate one more dime
seems like everyones’ lives
governed by money’s lines
Although one thing
that is more valuable
is time
Make it, Take it, or Give it away
But once its gone its like yesterday
Right now all we got is today
who knows about tomorrow
fuck worrying about a dollar
If I can spend QUALITY time
with FAMILY and FRIENDS hollar
by Ja$on H8

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